Legal Roundup – Utah HB108 on Governors Desk and Rush Poker Clones Hit the Market

Mar.19, 2012 3:51:PM
Gov Herbert

In today’s legal roundup, Utah is looking to become the 9th state in the US to officially outlaw online gambling. Also, Rush Poker clones are beginning to hit the market. Find out more about these stories below.

Utah Anti-Gambling Bill Now on Governor’s Desk

Utah bill HB0108, a bill that will make online gambling in all forms illegal in the state of Utah is now on Governor Gary Herbert’s desk after passing in the Utah house on March 2nd. The bill easily passed with a vote of 62-10 with three abstaining.

The bill was introduced at the end of January by state Rep. Stephen Standstrom as a pre-emptive measure against any perceived federal online gaming legislation. After the Department of Justice’s memo regarding the Wire Act in December, Sandstrom felt this measure was needed to prevent Indian Casinos from finding a loophole to move casino gambling in to the state.

Gov. Herbert is expected to pass the bill and once it is passed, it effectively opts Utah out of any federal online gaming legislation. Utah and Hawaii are the only two stated in the US that outlaw all forms of gaming. Utah will also become the 9th state in the US to pass a law with respect to online gaming.

Rush Poker Clones Hitting the Market

After Full Tilt Poker introduced Rush Poker last year, it was quickly evident that it would be the next big thing in poker. The company then tried unsuccessfully to patent the idea. With their failure to patent, other companies were free to swoop in and offer this concept.

PokerStars became the first site to bring a clone of Rush Poker to players with their Zoom Poker tables. The tables went live last week for real money gaming and is currently available in micro stakes.

Earlier today, Relax Gaming Holding Limited announced that they have licensed their “Fast Poker” game to Unibet, Betsson, and iGame. The sites are scheduled to launch these games within the next three months.

According to Patrik Osteraker, the CEO for Relax Gaming Network, ” “We are thrilled to launch Relax Fast Poker Network together with some of the very leading names in the industry.”

“We look forward to the launch and are sure more operators will join in. Fast Poker has the potential to make poker really hot again. It’s fun, fast and easy and a great way of playing poker.”

Zoom Poker and Fast Poker work on the same concept of Rush Poker which allows a player to be dealt a hand as soon as they fold by moving them to another table. This allows players to play hundreds of hands per hour on a single table.