Zynga to Launch Real-Money Online Poker Games in UK This Week

Apr.02, 2013 11:04:PM

The time is at hand for Zynga to take its place in real-money online poker and casino games. In the next few days the company will be releasing their first real-money online gambling games and with those offerings begin the process of trying to compete with the giant’s of online poker.

The two games that will be launched will be ZyngaPlusCasino and ZyngaPlusPoker and will have the look and feel of most of Zynga’s popular social gaming options but will offer real-money prizes. Zynga’s release of these games is a direct result of their partnership with European online gaming giant Bwin. This partnership will allow Zynga to offer games in the United Kingdom through Bwin’s already existing licenses.

Zynga’s progression to real-money gaming has been coming for quite some time. In a recent interview, the company’s chief revenue officer Barry Cottle revealed that Zynga’s “whole mission is to be the platform to play. At heart, we’re a social gaming company. We view real-money gaming as a natural extension of that.”

While the games are coming soon, they will only available to desktop client user and web users only. For right now, Facebook and mobile users will not be able to play real-money Zynga games. In an interview with AllThingsd.com, he said that “In the first versions of the launch, there’s a lot of things to get feedback on. Then over time you’ll be able to play different versions, with more elements added to the games.”

While real money Zynga games will be coming soon for users in the U.K., there still seems to be little movement by Bwin to take part in the legalized US poker market. The company has yet to file for a license in Nevada and they also failed to put in a proposal with Delaware to offer gaming in that state. Zynga on the other hand has applied for a license to offer real-money poker in Nevada.

Once the company chooses to enter the US market, Zynga games would have an established user base to tap due to their social media offerings. It is unclear whether bwin.Party is just dragging their heels regarding Nevada and Delaware or if they are waiting for the federal government to step in with nationwide online poker regulations.