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North Carolina

North Carolina State Gambling

North Carolina does not have any forms of online gambling.  There is little in the way of gambling at all in the State of North Carolina.  There is a state lottery and one reservation casino located in Cherokee, NC.  While video poker is no longer legal in North Carolina, it has an interesting past.

North Carolina Lottery

North Carolina launched their lottery in 2005.  North Carolina offers scratch off tickets as well as Lotto games.  Some multi state Lotto games are offered including Powerball and Mega Millions.

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino

The state’s only casino is located in Cherokee on the land of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  The casino is managed and branded as Harrah’s.  Table games were allowed through a state compact in August 2012.  There are thousands of slot machines, 850 video poker machines, table games and a PokerPro poker room.  The poker room offers live dealers at higher limits, but mot games are spread on electronic poker tables.

Harrah’s Cherokee started allowing alcohol in its casino in 2011.  Drinks are not comped within the casino though, they must be purchased by players.

North Carolina Video Poker

North Carolina ran into video poker problems in the early 2000’s.  When South Carolina banned video poker, machines poured over the border into North Carolina.  In 2000, North Carolina created very tight regulations on the machines to prevent the same video poker issues that forced South Carolina to completely ban the machines.  To be a legal machine in North Carolina, machines must have been registered by January 31, 2000 and put into operation by June 30, 2000.  A limit of three machines was placed for any establishment and a prize of no more than $10 would be allowed.  After many illegal cash payouts, discovery of hundreds of illegal machines, political corruption and blight caused by the machines, the state moved to ban the machines in June 2006.  Over 18 months the machines were phased out.  Many industry observers believed that this was done to remove the competition for the new state lottery but there was no denying all of the corruption that came with the machines.

North Carolina Sweepstakes Machines

After video poker ban was banned in 2006, internet sweepstakes machines started appearing in North Carolina.  These machines were indistinguishable from the old video poker machines.  Players would buy internet time, and play free games on the machines based on the amount of internet time that was played.  Although banned by a 2010 law passed by the state legislature, business owners challenged the law’s validity in court.  Sweepstakes machine owners eventually lost and the North Carolina landscape is now dotted with empty storefronts that once offered this cleverly disguised version of video gaming.

North Carolina Bingo

Bingo is allowed to support charities.  There is commercial style bingo on the Cherokee Reservation.