Caesars Palace Poker Room Reopens

June 6, 2014
Caesars Palace Poker Room Reopens

Caesars Palace reopened its poker room today at 4PM.  It has been closed since May 22.  The new poker room is located next to the sports book.  The former poker room, located behind Pure, was taken over by the nightclub for an expansion.

The new Caesars Palace poker room spreads 16 tables.  The former room had 63 tables when including the tournament area.

Players were signing up to be the first to give action to the new room hours before its relaunch.  The two games with lists were 1/3 and 2/5 No Limit Texas Hold’em.  The buy-in for 1/3 is $100-$300, while the 2/5 game has a $200 minimum buy-in and no cap.

The new room makes quite a first impression.  It is bright and has a welcoming feel to it.  There is ample space between the tables.  Many tables have a great view of the sports book.  There are 20 TVs located throughout the new room.

One of the highlights of the new room is the lower rake structure.  Up until today, all Las Vegas Caesars Entertainment poker rooms raked 10% up to $5.  Caesars Palace now has a $4 rake cap on no limit games and a $3 cap on fixed limit games.

There is a $1 jackpot drop.  This goes towards high hands.  Players that make quads with a pocket pair will win $100.  A straight flush using both hole cards pays $200.  A royal flush using both hole cards pays $500.

Caesars Palace poker players will be paid $2 an hour in comps.  Players must clock in with their Total Rewards card at the table to receive credit.

The tournament schedule has yet to be released.  The goal is to have tournaments running again on Wednesday, June 11.

There is a two-table private poker area called the Galleria in the back of the room.  This area will be utilized for higher limit or other special games.

Bill O’Connell, the Caesars Palace poker room manager, has been in charge of poker operations since the room opened in 2005.  He is very excited about his new poker room.  He told USPoker that the room is happy to spread any game when there is interest.  This includes all mixed games.

From what we saw, the new room is going to be successful.  It is spacious and in a high foot traffic area.  The previous location was secluded.  That will not be an issue for the new room.  It is well lit and welcoming to all passersby.

Players bothered by smoke will not have to worry about that.  The room was constructed with low ceilings that help keep the smoke from the nearby sports book and table games out.

Below are pictures we captured in the hour before the Caesars Palace poker room launched.  Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

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