Two Las Vegas Poker Rooms Cut Comp Rates

August 21, 2015
Two Las Vegas Poker Rooms Cut Comp Rates

One major Las Vegas, Nevada poker room cut its hourly comp rate this week. Another one will follow suit next week.

The 26-table Wynn poker room cut its comp rate from $2 to $1.50 per hour in the past week.  These comps are paid when players are clocked in at a table with Wynn’s Red Card.

Venetian notified players this week that its 59-table poker room would also change its hourly comps.  Players currently receive $2 an hour when clocked in with Venetian’s Grazie Card.

That will drop to $1 an hour on August 24.

Venetian players, claim your comps

There is another change that affects inactive players.

Venetian will remove any stored comps from players that have not given action in the past 365 days. Players that have not played in one year or more have until August 23 to claim accumulated comps.

Another option is to sit in a cash game before the stored comps expire, keeping the comps active for the next year.

Any player that falls inactive for 365 days after August 24 will also lose any stored rewards. This will have no effect on guests that play at Venetian and get clocked in at least once every 365 days.

There were some player reports that Bellagio had also cut its hourly comp rate. A Bellagio representative confirmed that this was not the case.

Bellagio still pays $2 per hour in comps.

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