Paypal Discloses Iovation Relationship in Privacy Policy

December 12, 2013
Paypal Discloses Iovation Relationship in Privacy Policy

Paypal discloses in its privacy policy that the company shares customer information with Iovation. In the statement, Iovation is on a list of “non-exclusive examples of the actual third parties to whom we currently disclose your account information”.

Iovation is disclosed as a company used to “retrieve risk information regarding the IP and device from which you are accessing PayPal, research and testing as to appropriateness of new products and services”.

Paypal goes on to state that the type of information released to Iovation might include “IP and hardware information about the device (device ID)”.

Travis Makar, a former business associate of Russ Hamilton, released tapes that implicate Hamilton and Greg Pierson, among others, in a cover-up of the UltimateBet insider cheating scandal. Pierson is the CEO and co-founder of Iovation.

A documentary on the UltimateBet insider cheating titled UltimateBeat connects Iovation co-founders directly to the scandal.  Scott Bell, director and creator of UltimateBeat, published a detailed outline of the tapes leaked by Makar here.  These tapes were used in the UltimateBeat film.

Iovation briefly operated in the Nevada online poker market as a third party vendor but was quickly dumped after it was discovered by players. The Nevada Gaming Control Board investigated the situation.

Iovation provides what it describes as “Device Reputation”. The company compiles information on devices and connections to determine if fraud has ever taken place. Purchases may be declined if Iovation determines that a user or device is not legitimate based on information gathered from previous transactions.

Paypal did not respond to a request for comment.

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