Borgata Poker Blends Live And Online With Two New Promotions

May 5, 2015
Borgata Poker Blends Live And Online With Two New Promotions

In an effort to increase synergy between their brick and mortar and online operations, Borgata has cooked up not one but two separate promotions that will award online poker players with the chance to win brick and mortar prize packages at Borgata Hotel and Casino.

The leaderboard challenge

The first promotion Borgata launched is a month-long leaderboard challenge that will reward the top 30 players at the end of the month with a variety of online and B&M prize packages worth a total of $7,800.

The winner of the leaderboard challenge will receive a $1,500 prize package that includes:

  • $560 voucher for a land-based tournament at Borgata in New Jersey
  • $200 voucher to the Sunday $50k at
  • $200 voucher to the Sunday $100k at
  • $540 cash

The promotion from a player’s perspective

Leaderboard challenges are a terrific way to reward loyal players, and if prizes are handed out to enough spots, even some recreational players have a chance at securing a prize.

The promotion from Borgata’s perspective

Leaderboard challenges are also a win for the online operator, as players within striking distance of leaderboard prize packages are apt to increase their volume of play to maintain their position or leapfrog other players.

Hump day special

The second promotion centers around a specific tournament, the $10k Guaranteed Wednesday tournament.

In addition to the prize-money, the winner of the tournament will also receive a $120 voucher to play in the Borgata Hotel and Casino’s Wednesday tournament, a $120 buy-in event that features a $10k guarantee.

The winner can also choose to play in the 11 am or 7 pm running of the tournament at Borgata.

The promotion from a player’s perspective

This promotion is not quite as appealing as the leaderboard challenge.

A $120 “bonus” prize doesn’t seem quite enough of an incentive for players entering a $100 online tournament, and likely receiving $2,000 or more in prize money for winning the tournament.

The promotion from Borgata’s perspective

While it’s unlikely to increase online attendance, this promotion will send four potential new players to the Borgata on a Wednesday.

If even one of these players becomes a semi-regular player at the casino this is a win for the Borgata.

Slow convergence of live and online poker in NJ

Thus far, online gambling operators in the U.S. have found their attempts at converging their online and live gaming options elusive.

The most innovative attempt at this was the agreement partypoker made with local sports teams, rumored to be a seven-figure deal. partypoker expected their Dream Seats promotions and partnership with the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers to reap dividends, but thus far these don’t seem to be bringing in a good return on investment.

Whichever online gaming operator or brick and mortar casino finally solves this conundrum will be a strong contender to surge to the front of the pack.

Borgata’s two new promotions are unlikely to remedy this problem, but they are a step in the right direction for Borgata, which has run scant few crossover promotions since launching their iGaming site.

Tropicana leads the way

One casino that is headed in the right direction on this front is Tropicana. Tropicana’s online casino has long incorporated their land-based rewards program into their online games.

Points accrued by online players at are added to the player’s Trop Advantage level, and more recently the company has introduced an option that allows players to redeem their online reward dollars for Trop comp dollars at the brick and mortar casino.

Players also have the option of redeeming their online points for online dollars.

Several other casinos, including Caesars, have also linked their live and online reward programs to some extent.

Resorts sees potential in convergence

The newest entry into the increasingly crowded New Jersey iGaming swimming pool, Resorts Casino, is another operator that seems to be focusing on live/online convergence.

Resorts has created a first of its kind, on-property iGaming lounge, and has already run several crossover promotions, the most recent being an iPad giveaway.

Resorts’ efforts on this front may be the impetus for Borgata’s new crossover promotions, considering Resorts partnership with PokerStars has yet to be consummated.

Most analysts believe PokerStars will pump an unprecedented amount of money into the regulated New Jersey market when they finally receive approval from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement – including opening a rumored $10 million brick and mortar poker room at Resorts Casino.

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