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    Catena Media US, Inc.: 8565 S. Eastern Avenue, Ste 150, Las Vegas, NV 89123

    Advertising disclosure is independently owned and operated. We have no ownership connection with any online poker site or casino.

    We do generate revenue from regulated online casinos and poker sites. We do so in one of two ways:

    1. When a visitor clicks on a link located on USPoker that leads to an online poker site or casino, we may be paid a commission if that visitor ends up creating an account at the poker site or casino. The conditions under which we receive a commission vary from operator to operator. Generally speaking, we receive a flat-rate commission when a new player creates and funds an account with one of our partners.
    2. By selling advertising inventory to third parties.

    In order to minimize even the appearance of conflict, we follow a handful of simple guidelines:

    1. Our writers and reviewers are completely separated from the revenue aspect of the site and are not compensated in any way that is tied to the financial performance of their content.
    2. We do not allow any native advertising or any sponsored content. All of our ads are either clearly marked as such or are in formats (such as banner ads) commonly understood to represent paid ads.
    3. We do not allow advertisers to request changes in or otherwise influence review content, news content or editorial content.
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