Former Treasure Island Poker Manager Pleads No Contest To Embezzlement

John Mehaffey May 6, 2015 1560 Reads
Treasure Island Casino Nevada

Former Treasure Island poker room manager Christopher Coffin entered a plea of no contest in a case related to an incident on December 12, 2014 at the Las Vegas Strip casino, according to court documents obtained by USPoker.

Coffin pleaded no contest to a single charge of embezzling an amount greater than $250, but less than $650. That crime is a misdemeanor in Nevada.

Coffin received a 60-day suspended jail sentence. He was also sentenced to probation. Coffin must pay $1,900 in restitution to the District Attorney’s Victim Witness Center. Treasure Island is listed as the victim in the case.

Coffin was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service at HELP of Southern Nevada. That group serves “the poor, the homeless and those in crisis who come to us as a place of last resort,” according to the HELP of Southern Nevada website.

Coffin was originally charged with felony embezzlement for an amount between $650 and $3,500. The disposition disclosure in court documents states that he is guilty of the lesser misdemeanor count through his no contest plea.

The charges were brought against Coffin in January. He was no longer employed by Treasure Island at the time.

Coffin was represented by a public defender. Judge Janiece Marshall presided over the case.

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