888 Poker Signs US Poker Deal

July 9, 2012
888 Poker Signs US Poker Deal

Following announcements from two states that have passed bills to legalize online poker, a number of firms are starting to seriously consider expanding into the United States. UK based online poker firm 888 Holdings has decided that it wants to get a share in the new market for online gaming in the U.S.

888 Holdings has said that it is going to pursue a joint venture with WMS Gaming. WMS is an Illinois based manufacturer of gaming equipment which sells products throughout the country. 888 Holdings feels that a partnership with WMS would give it the competitive edge it needs to conquer a substantial share of the online gaming market.

Both companies have applied for licenses in Nevada. Neither of their applications have been approved yet, but they are both confident that the state’s regulator will award them licenses.

Executives from both firms are pleased with the new arrangement.

Orrin J. Edidin, president of WMS Gaming, spoke very highly of 888 Poker in an interview with CompatiblePoker.com. Edidin said that 888 Poker is one of the most renowned online gaming firms in the world. That experience is exactly what his firm is looking for as they try to compete with other gaming firms in Nevada.

Brian Mattingly, CEO of 888 Poker is equally optimistic about the bright opportunities this partnership creates for his firm. Mattingly told reporters that WMS is one of the most highly regarded gaming manufacturers in the United States. Edidin and the other executives with WMS have also created a strong network of supporters throughout the country. Mattingly feels WMS’s experience and network will play a key role in his firm’s success as it expands its reach to the United States.

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