California Online Poker Partnership between Bwin Party and UAIC

May 8, 2012
California Online Poker Partnership between Bwin Party and UAIC

Bwin Party has been eagerly trying to get lawmakers to ease some of the laws on online gaming in California and the rest of the country. The firm is aware that one of the biggest challenges has been getting the support of Native American tribes. According to a report from Reuters, Bwin Party has taken a new measure that may help them resolve the discord among the tribes and create some headway with online gaming legislation.

Bwin has signed a 10-year contract with the United Auburn Indian Community, which operates casinos in California. Under the new agreement, Bwin will provide technology to the UAIC to help them coordinate online gaming services.

Jim Ryan, one of the two CEOs of Bwin Party, said that the new agreement will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Ryan acknowledges that Bwin Party will need to forge strong alliances in the event online gaming is legalized in California.

After a number of signs that the United States government may be seriously considering legalizing online gaming, Ryan doesn’t want to ignore the opportunity to take advantage of any opportunity or partnership that can help his firm reach its goal. The partnership with the UAIC is one of the steps Ryan feels Bwin Party needs to take to implement an online gaming platform in California and possibly the rest of the United States.

The UAIC holds a similar opinion. Tribal Chairman David Keyser said that online gaming legislation is inevitable in California. In order to implement an online gaming system, the UAIC is going to need to make sure that it has the support of a developer like Bwin Party that has years of experience.

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