“Change it 21” Launches at Fremont Casino in Las Vegas

September 30, 2014
“Change it 21” Launches at Fremont Casino in Las Vegas

Change it 21 opened its first table at Fremont Casino & Hotel in downtown Las Vegas last week.  The blackjack variant is in a 45-day field trial.  During that time, it may only be spread at one table in one casino.

The game is dealt much like traditional blackjack.  It uses six decks.  The minimum bet is $5.  Players make a wager and get dealt two cards face up.  The dealer receives one card up and the other down.

The twist is that a player may exchange one of his cards for a fresh one off the top of the deck.  This requires a 50 percent match of the original bet.  For example, a player that wagered $10 would need to place a $5 fee next to it and tell the dealer which card he wants replaced.  This action may be made after splitting pairs, however, only the drawn card may be changed.

The hand is then played as normal.  Players may double and split after changing a card.  A changed blackjack even gets paid as if it were dealt.

There are some rules that offset the card exchange:

  • Dealer hits soft 17, which has become the norm for blackjack as a whole
  • Blackjack pays 6-5
  • No double down after splitting
  • Surrender and re-split aces are not offered

David Ledbetter of Change it 21, LLC knew the game would be a success when he first played it.  “I couldn’t believe it wasn’t the first blackjack variation invented,” he told USPoker.  “Every player often wishes they had been dealt different cards,” Ledbetter continued.  “This game satisfies that wish.”

The company is excited about the game’s opening at Fremont and expects it to be installed in more casinos once it receives full approval from Nevada gaming regulators.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons License 3.0 via Anetode



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