Colorado Considering an Online Poker Bill

June 27, 2012
Colorado Considering an Online Poker Bill

State governments across the country have made substantial headway in the movement to legalize online poker over the past two weeks. California and New Jersey have reached new milestones in passing new bills. Nevada has started reviewing a number of online poker applications. Meanwhile, Colorado has also decided that it is going to be joining the possible movement to legalize online gaming.

Casinos throughout the state have started drafting an online poker bill. The bill will probably not make its way through the Senate until 2012. They anticipate that state senators will take a hard look at legalizing online gaming in 2013.

The Colorado Gaming Association has told reporters that they are taking a serious look at legalizing online gaming. However, House Speaker Frank McNulty said that he hasn’t heard from the gaming association.

The bill reportedly resembles the online gaming bill that was written in New Jersey. The authors of the bill in New Jersey are facing challenges due to opposition from Gov. Christie. The environment in Colorado may be more conducive for legislators trying to pass a similar bill.

According to statistics from the American Gaming Association, Colorado casinos generate about three quarters of a billion dollars in revenue each year. They could generate much more if the state would be willing to remove the $100 ceiling on wagers. The Colorado Gaming Association hopes to remove that limit if online gaming was legalized.

Colorado officials are aware the citizens are gambling illegally. However, they haven’t had any real options to discourage citizens from partaking in online gaming sites. The Colorado Gaming Association hopes that they are going to be able to protect the state’s citizens by regulating intrastate casinos rather than forcing citizens to send their money to foreign operators. If they are able to make a convincing argument to lawmakers, they could be launching online gaming sites by the end of the year.

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