12 Must-Follow Daily Fantasy Sports And Sports Betting Twitter Accounts For 2016

December 28, 2015
12 Must-Follow Daily Fantasy Sports And Sports Betting Twitter Accounts For 2016

The next year is shaping up to be a watershed year for daily fantasy sports and sports betting in the United States.

Here are the people you should be following to make sure you stay up to speed on all the latest developments in these two industries.

12. Daniel Wallach

It’s going to be a big year on the legal front for daily fantasy sports and sports betting, and no one has a better handle on this aspect of these two industries than Daniel Wallach. Wallach, a practicing lawyer who focuses on gaming and sports law, is a regular guest at gaming conferences and one of the first people the press contacts for reactions to industry updates.

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11. John Brennan

John Brennan is a longtime reporter on everything gaming in New York and New Jersey, making him the go-to source for the latest updates on New Jersey’s ongoing efforts to bring legal sports betting to the Garden State. Brennan has also started wading into the DFS waters as well, covering the goings on in New York, as well as in New Jersey, which will likely pick up steam once their sports betting case is decided.

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10. Darren Heitner

Darren Heitner, a lawyer by trade, is also a Forbes columnist covering the daily fantasy sports beat. While most attorneys tend to be somewhat skeptical when it comes to DFS’s legal standing, Heitner leans sympathetic towards the DFS industry, and provides valuable legal insights to help explain the industry’s arguments to the masses.

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9. Joe Brennan Jr.

Joe Brennan Jr. was one of the catalysts for bringing online gaming to New Jersey and has been an integral part of the state’s attempts at legalizing sports betting. Most recently, Brennan Jr. has delved into DFS, and is now working on a DFS startup called Fast Fantasy. Brennan Jr.’s lobbyist roots, and experience in getting iGaming legislation passed, allow him to look at the landscape from a political perspective few other possess.

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8. Seth Young

Seth is the CEO of the DFS company Star Fantasy Leagues, and is one of the more measured and reasoned voices in the DFS industry when it comes to where DFS is legal, and what the industry should be doing on the regulatory front. In fact, Young was ahead of the curve in calling for the industry to adopt better regulations before things went sideways in early October.

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7. Michael M.

Michael M. (AKA Grange95) is another must follow if you’re interested in the ongoing attempts by New Jersey to bring legal sports betting to their casinos and race tracks. Grange95 is well versed in all areas of gaming law, and weighs in on a number of topics on social media, with more in depth explanations at his blog.

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6. Victor Rocha

I don’t expect much movement on the California online poker front in 2016. But the state is also looking at several other potential gaming reforms, from DFS to sports betting, and when it comes to aggregating California-specific content there’s no one better than Pechanga.net editor Victor Rocha. Rocha is a prolific tweeter and retweeter of gaming industry news stories, and an invaluable follow.

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5. Adam Krejcik  

Eilers Research’s Adam Krejcik is the man who penned the first DFS white paper, and is the best source for DFS industry analysis. Krejcik is a veteran of hearings and conferences, and is versed in all things Internet gaming.

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4. Ed Miller

Ed Miller is a well-known name in the poker world, but the author and poker player is also a DFS player, and commentator, with a lot of good thoughts on the industry. Miller, along with Daniel Singer, also penned one of the best DFS columns of 2015, where the pair looked at the skillfulness of DFS baseball contests.

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3. Hayden Bird

Massachusetts looks like it will be ground zero for DFS regulation, and Hayden Bird of Bostinno.com has been following the situation very closely. Another good Massachusetts follow, if you can handle a lot of non-DFS tweets, is the combination of Curt Woodward and Daniel Adams of the Boston Globe, who among many other things, cover DFS for the Globe.

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2. Super Lobby

Super Lobby is the place for DFS metrics, and an invaluable resource for anyone who plays DFS or follows the industry. Whether it’s Super Lobby’s real-time overlay data, or the site’s aggregation of a week’s worth of data to create industry trend lines, there is always great information coming from the SL team.

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1. Follow the entire Legal Sports Report team

The best place for DFS news is LegalSportsReport.com, where Chris Grove and Dustin Gouker, along with a small cadre of guest columnists, cover every square inch of the DFS industry. You can follow the official Legal Sports Report twitter account @LSPreport, as well as the individual team members.

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