Florida Looking into Online Gambling Legislation

February 2, 2011
Florida Looking into Online Gambling Legislation

Florida is looking to follow New Jersey and legalize at least some forms of online poker or casino play.

While Florida has been an ally to the online casino and poker world, it’s New Jersey that recently approved a bill that will legalize poker in the state. The bill is simply awaiting a signature from Chris Christie the governor; but watchers say that Florida could be next with similar legislation.

According to some, Florida is considering some of the various offers from Las Vegas gaming companies that are looking to move into South Beach. In addition, there are some discussions that would makes legal poker sites through a third-party website. The site would take a cut of each hand dealt and then pay a 10 percent tax on its take to the state.

Many believe that if lawmakers approve any bill like this, the law could take effect as early as July 1. Though, of course, there would be many hurdles to jump over and challenges to beat before it could happen.

New Jersey’s bill would make the state the first in the nation to regulate online poker. California has also been considering a few bills that would legalize online poker. As with these states, it’s believed that Florida’s law would restrict play to state residents only.

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