Former Director of FBI Fights to Legalize Online Poker

September 15, 2011

As politicians continue to debate the pros and cons of online poker, more people are stepping into the argument. Louis Freeh is the former director of the FBI. He has recently come forward stating that he supports the legalization of online poker.

Freeh has a history for standing up for certain principles, even if they are not popular with everyone in his former profession. He also spoke out against the 9/11 Coallition, saying he disagreed with how they pursued the case.

Freeh has just joined a Fair Play USA. Fair Play is an interest group dedicated to the legalization of online poker. The coalition has gained a lot of support from a number of players, lobbyists and gaming companies. Two of Fair USA’s supporters and backers are Caesar’s Entertainment and MGM Studios.

The coalition has been gaining a lot of pull and hopes it has the manpower to make a strong statement in the fight to legalize online gaming. They should be eager to have the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation giving them his full support.

Freeh is in good company. One of his new coalition members is none other than Tom Ridge, the former chief of the Department of Homeland Security. The mere presence of such prominent and well respected men on the team is likely to deliver a powerful message to Washington.

Fair Play USA has made its mission abundantly clear. In addition to legalizing online poker, they feel they need to help establish a clear definition of what online poker is. Attorneys on the coalition feel that if they were to come up with a better definition for online gambling, they could come to a compromise with Washington.

One of Washington’s biggest fears is that online poker is used as a front for money laundering and many other illegal activities. Fair Play USA feels that if it can help resolve some of those questions, Washington would be more open to considering legalizing online poker. They would be better able to find which sites were involved in illegal gaming operations and avoid wasting time and resources fighting legitimate sites.

Freeh’s experience with the FBI should help him make a difference in the debate. He was appointed director of the FBI back in 1993 and served 8 years. He was involved in several major investigations. The coalition feels that if men like Freeh and Ridge are on their team, they will be able to present an objective, unbiased view on the issue.

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