The Gambling Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow In 2017

December 29, 2016
The Gambling Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow In 2017

If you’re looking for the most insightful, up-to-the-minute information on all things gaming in 2017, these are the Twitter accounts you should be following.

American Gaming Association (AGA)

Sports betting is primed to be a hot topic in 2017, and the American Gaming Association is leading the push for legalization. Whether it’s information, links to pertinent commentary, or ways to get involved in the fight, the AGA Twitter account will be very active in 2017.

The AGA wants sports betting legalized, and as the voice of the gaming industry it will have the platform to get the message out.

Follow the American Gaming Association on Twitter: @AmerGamingAssn

David Purdum

Speaking of sports betting, ESPN Chalk columnist David Purdum has his finger on the pulse of all things sports betting. Purdum also dabbles in daily fantasy sports and all forms of gambling.

In addition to his excellent writings on these subjects, his Twitter account is a good starting point for information on all manner of gambling topics. It’s where a lot of the top analysts and pundits in the space tend to congregate for discussions.

Follow David Purdum on Twitter @DavidPurdum

John Brennan

If you need to know something about New Jersey gambling, John Brennan and his Meadowland Matters Blog is a good place to start. The longtime NJ journalist is plugged in at every level of the state, providing an on-the-ground element to reporting that’s often missing from other gaming sources.

Follow John Brennan on Twitter: @BergenBrennan

Alun Bowden

Alun Bowden, or @Poker_Hack as he’s known on Twitter, offers a unique perspective on the gaming world. He’s one of the people I interact with the most on Twitter. He’s also really good on the snark and sarcasm front.

Based in the UK, Bowden has years of experience and contacts in the gaming industry (he’s the former editor of eGR Magazine and current analyst at Eilers & Krejcik), and he has a keen way of seeing angles that some American observers miss.

Follow Alun Bowden on Twitter: @Poker_Hack

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Ryan Rodenberg

Ryan Rodenberg is one of the preeminent sports law attorneys around, and he’s been on the front lines of the sports betting fight in the US, offering insight and expert commentary that few others can.

Rodenberg has written an amicus brief backing New Jersey in its ongoing fight to legalize sports betting. He provides a much-needed legal point of view on a topic that can often devolve into arguments over why sports betting should be legal instead of how it can be made legal.

Follow Ryan Rodenberg on Twitter: @SportsLawProf

Victor Rocha

Victor Rocha runs and is about as plugged into the California gaming scene (with a heavy slant toward tribal gaming) as one can be.

On Twitter, he’s not only a fountain of information on California and tribal gaming, but he also serves as a clearinghouse for all things gambling. Occasionally he serves up his own unfiltered thoughts on the California gaming landscape.

Follow Victor Rocha on Twitter @VictorRocha1

Matt Assad

Pennsylvania reporter Matt Assad covers the gaming beat (among other things) for the Morning Call. Like Brennan in New Jersey, his proximity to the daily news gives him a unique understanding of what’s taking place in the Keystone State.

It’s all but guaranteed that Pennsylvania is going to be complicated gaming mess in 2017, and I know I’ll be turning to Assad for some clarity.

Follow Matt Assad on Twitter: @matthewassad21

Chris Krafcik

Chris Krafcik is the research director at Gambling Compliance, which is where I often turn for information about the legal and legislative side of the gaming industry. Gambling Compliance has a strong team and excellent sources that make them an invaluable resource.

Krafcik doesn’t tweet a ton, but when he does it’s always important.

Follow Chris Krafcik on Twitter: @CKrafcik

Sara Friedman

Sara Friedman is another Gambling Compliance writer. Friedman focuses mainly on emerging DFS and online gambling legislation.

I’m pretty sure Friedman doesn’t sleep, because as soon as an announcement is made or an agenda is changed in a statehouse she is tweeting it out. If you’re an advocate for legalization and closely follow what is taking place in Pennsylvania, Michigan and beyond, Friedman is a must-follow.

Follow Sara Friedman on Twitter: @SaraEFriedman

Michigan State Senator Mike Kowall

When it comes to online gambling legalization, Michigan is going to be one of the most watched states in 2017. State Senator Mike Kowall will likely be leading the charge in the legislature.

Kowall introduced an online gambling bill in 2016, and is expected to reintroduce it this coming session. I wouldn’t expect Kowall to tweet too much about it, but following him on Twitter is a good way to keep track of what is going on and a potential way to open up a line of communication with the senator.

Follow Michigan State Senator Mike Kowall on Twitter: @SenMikeKowall

Massachusetts Gaming Commission

There are a lot of reasons to follow the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on Twitter:

  1. The MGC is one of the most transparent regulatory bodies in the United States, and every meeting is public.
  2. The MGC has advocated for the legalization of online gambling.
  3. Massachusetts is on the short-list of potential online gambling states.
  4. MGC Chairman Stephen Crosby is part of a study panel created to look into DFS and online gambling legalization.
  5. There are a lot of cool things going on in Massachusetts on the gaming front.
  6. Unlike many government agencies on social media, the MGC Twitter account is very active.

Basically, there is no reason you shouldn’t be following the MGC.

Follow the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on Twitter: @MassGamingComm

Sean Murphy

Speaking of Massachusetts, Sean Murphy covers the gaming beat for Massachusetts and surrounding states for the Boston Globe, making him a great source of information for the entire New England area.

Massachusetts is going to be an important state on the gaming front in 2017, which makes Murphy an important person to follow.

Follow Sean Murphy on Twitter @spmurphyboston

Pennsylvania State Representative Rosita Youngblood

With the retirement of Representative John Payne, online gambling legalization could face a leadership vacuum in Pennsylvania. But it probably won’t.

Along with Rep. George Dunbar, Rep. Rosita Youngblood is likely going to be the person who fills Payne’s shoes. Rep. Youngblood was one of the key supporters for online gambling legalization, and sponsored the first gaming reform bill the House passed, HB 2150.

Rep. Youngblood is also outspoken on the subject.

Follow Pennsylvania Representative Rosita Youngblood on Twitter @RepYoungblood

Our triumvirate of sites

And obviously, you should be following our entire network of sites and team of writers and analysts. We have three key sites that will keep you up to date on just about everything going on in the gambling industry.

Legal Sports Report has emerged as the leading resource for daily fantasy sports and sports betting legislation and industry analysis.

Follow Legal Sports Report on Twitter: @LSPReport

Online Poker Report plays a similar role for online gambling and poker.

Follow Online Poker Report on Twitter: @OPRupdate

And the third site, Esports Betting Report, covers the emerging intersection of esports and the gaming industry.

Follow Esports Betting Report on Twitter: @ESBReport

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