Joe Ingram and Doug Polk Highlight This Week’s 3 Most Exciting Videos

October 20, 2017
Joe Ingram and Doug Polk Highlight This Week’s 3 Most Exciting Videos


Poker content available on YouTube is never at a shortage and that was no different this week. Three of poker’s most popular content producers put out videos that received massive viewership in a short period of time after being released.

Joe Ingram, Doug Polk, and Jamie Staples are always cooking up something interesting and this week was no different. Ingram returned to his podcasting roots with Polk giving us some hand analysis and Staples showing a highlight reel from a recent stream.

‘OhhhHeyCindy’ makes podcast debut

One of the few Americans to be playing high stakes online cash games since Black Friday, Andrew ‘OhhhHeyCindy’ Graham appeared on the Joe Ingram Podcast on Monday, October 16. Graham lives primarily in the Ukraine as he grinds no-limit hold’em cash games starting at $25/$50. What separates Graham from his contemporaries is he is only in his early-20’s and lives outside of the United States as he plays high stakes.

Graham starts the show by explaining his poker roots which developed originally in Florida following his early life in Massachusetts. He also delves into a few of the places he has traveled to play poker online. Finally, he gives a list of who he thinks some of the best online no-limit hold’em cash players are including ‘OtB_RedBaron.’

Doug Polk breaks down King of the Hill 2

The largest portion of the content on Doug Polk’s YouTube channel are hand breakdowns featuring analysis from Polk himself. Polk returned to those roots this week in giving analysis for a King of the Hill 2 hand that played out between Shaun Deeb and Olivier Busquet. In the booth when the hand first took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, Polk broke down the action in a hand where Busquet’s quads received max value from Deeb’s inferior full house.

Per usual with his videos, Polk pauses the action after each street and informs the audience of all the possible options available to each player. Polk leans on his GTO-based strategy to explain why certain plays might be better than others. There isn’t much for Deeb to do to get away from his hand against Busquet and Polk tells the audience about just how big of a cooler he has run into.

Jaime Staples puts together a few PokerStars runs

One of the highest volume streamers in the game, Canadian, Jaime Staples was grinding on PokerStars once again. As he continues to lose weight in an attempt to win a prop bet with Bill Perkins, Staples skinnier physique is taking up most of the headlines next to his recent poker play.

Staples compiled highlights from his Sunday stream as he entertained viewers while trying to win some money as he played in Costa Rica. Per usual, Staples kept the positive mojo flowing as he played his way through the day. Part of the content Staples put in the highlight video came from his satellite journey to try and win a Main Event seat for January’s PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The other portion includes simultaneous runs in two PokerStars progressive bounty events.

Will Staples complete the dream and bink or have to wait until next week?

Staples will be appearing on Live at the Bike as part of their Vloggers and Streamers Week from October 24-27.

Stay tuned for more

Poker’s best streamers are at the top for a reason and their high volume plays a large role in that. Be sure to subscribe to stay tuned for all the updates and new content as Ingram, Polk,  Staples, and others continue to stay busy and create exciting poker videos for their thousands of fans to dig into.

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