KEYSTONE CRUSHER: PokerStars COOP Tops $2 Million in Pennsylvania

October 12, 2020
KEYSTONE CRUSHER: PokerStars COOP Tops $2 Million in Pennsylvania

The second edition of the PokerStars Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker (PACOOP) wrapped up recently with more than $2 million awarded.

The series ran from Sept. 19 to Oct. 5 and topped the $1.5 million guarantee by a hefty margin. The results also exceed the first PACOOP held last year, which awarded $1.6 million.

Only five events didn’t meet guarantees – a nice result considering there were so many tournaments. The Events in Pennsylvania exemplify the continued growth of legal US online poker. Revenue numbers have dropped a bit over the last couple months, but remain at historical highs.

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From twenty-buck ticket to PACOOP champion

The biggest story of the series was the road for “LetMeWin3437” to winning the $300 Main Event. The new champion began by winning a $20 Second Chance Freeroll ticket and turned that into a $46,319 score.

A key hand just before the final table saw LetMeWin in a crazy all-in situation against two other players. LetMeWin was all in with pocket Queens against his opponents’ Aces and Kings.

What looked like a tough cooler turned in LetMeWin’s favor however. He was able to outdraw his opponents and stay alive.

The Main Event attracted a field of 1,013 entries with a $283,640 prize pool. That was a nice leap over the $200,000 guarantee.

The Main Event wasn’t LetMeWin3437’s only win and that username seemed to become reality. He also took down the Event 45: $100 NLHE Progressive Knockout for $5,490 to become a double champion. It was quite a PACOOP run.

A look at the PACOOP statistics

PokerStars’ Pennsylvania online poker platform continues to score big numbers in 2020. That certainly was the case with the PACOOP as well.

Here’s a look at some other key statistics from the series:

  • There were 21,326 entries across the 50-event schedule.
  • TryptophanMan” also became a double PACOOP champion after show some skills in Pot Limit Omaha. Tryptophan won Events 7 ($100 PLO Six-Max) and 30 ($500 PLO Six-Max High-Roller) for a total of $12,209.
  • Two players also managed to score a triple crown. “KennyTheRipper” won Events 25, 38, and 41 for a combined prize of $11,944. “AllinWithAJoff” took down Event 16, 31, and 37 for a total payday of $26,195.

Here’s a look at the complete PASCOOP statistics:

EventBuy-inGuaranteeEntriesRe-EntriesPrize Pool
1: NLHE (Nightly Stars - PACOOP Warm-Up)$100$50,000 401231$58,017.60
2: NLHE (8-Max, PACOOP - Warm-Up)$50$30,000 537271$36,764.00
3: NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Deepstack)$100$35,000 226121$35,000.00*
4: NLHE (6-Max)$50$20,000 271163$20,000.00*
5: NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO)$150$30,000 18094$37,729.80
6: NLHE (Sunday Special SE)$100$100,000 673444$102,540.60
7: PLO (6-Max)$100$15,000 13556$17,533.80
8: NLHE (8-Max, Sunday SuperSonic SE)$50$10,000 21055$12,057.50
9: NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Battle Royale SE)$50$30,000 524281$36,627.50
10: PLO8 (8-Max)$75$12,000 14570$14,673.75
11: NLHE (Super Tuesday SE)$200$40,000 205120$60,450.00
12: NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday SE)$20$15,000 667375$18,964.40
13: NLHE (8-Max)$150$15,000 12150$23,546.70
14: NLHE (6-Max, High Roller)$500$50,000 11653$79,430.00
15: NLHE$150$15,000 13555$26,163.00
16: NLHE (Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE)$200$40,000 19690$53,196.00
17: NLHE (Progressive KO, Mini Thrill)$20$20,000 738511$22,731.80
18: PL 5-Card Draw (8-Max, Turbo)$100$10,000 6225$10,000.00*
19: 8-Game$200$15,000 7023$17,298.00
20: NLHE (6-Max, Turbo)$150$20,000 15769$31,120.20
21: NLHE (8-Max, Deepstack)$100$35,000 321157$43,880.40
22: NLHE (Saturday Speedway SE)$50$15,000 322156$21,749.00
23: NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Marathon)$100$35,000 231134$35,000.00*
24: PLO (8-Max, Turbo)$100$10,000 7834$10,281.60
25: NLHE (6-Max)$150$25,000 12868$26,989.20
26: NLHE (Sunday Special SE)$100$100,000 653424$100,000.00*
27: NLHE (Progressive KO)$200$35,000 14664$39,060.00
28: NLHE (Sunday SuperSonic SE)$75$12,000 16240$14,241.00
29: NLHE (4-Max)$200$25,000 14778$41,850.00
30: PLO (6-Max, High-Roller)$500$25,000 5026$35,720.00
31: NLHE (Hyper-Turbo, Super Tuesday)$250$40,000 18999$68,400.00
32: NLO8 (8-Max)$100$10,000 10563$15,422.40
33: NLHE (6-Max, Turbo)$30$20,000 595349$25,771.20
34: NLHE$200$30,000 13054$34,224.00
35: Stud Hi/Lo$100$10,000 8129$10,098.00
36: NLHE (Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill)$250$40,000 17989$62,444.00
37: NLHE$150$20,000 14756$27,953.10
38: FLHE (6-Max, Turbo)$200$10,000 4819$12,462.00
39: NLHE (Hyper-Turbo)$200$15,000 8220$19,380.00
40: NLHE (6-Max)$300$40,000 12061$50,680.00
41: NLHE (6-Max)$75$20,000 284131$28,323.75
42: NLHE (Turbo, Progressive KO, Deepstack)$100$25,000 322153$43,605.00
43: NLHE (Main Event)$300$200,000 626387$283,640.00
44: NLHE (Mini Main Event)$50$40,000 730427$52,643.50
45: NLHE (Progressive KO)$100$30,000 25294$31,762.80
46: PLO (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)$100$10,000 8130$10,545.00
47: NLHE (Sunday SuperSonic SE)$75$10,000 17251$15,721.50
48: NLHE (Nightly Stars SE - PACOOP Wrap-Up)$100$35,000 379207$53,794.80
49: NLHE (8-Max, Phase 2)$50$50,000 18920$86,086.00
50: NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Deep Hyper Turbo)$100$15,000 18563$23,560.00

Claim Your $150 at PokerStars Now
Claim Your $150 at PokerStars Now
$150 Bonus Play
In Tickets & Bonuses
PokerStars Review
  • Play 1 Hand, Get $150 in Bonus Play
  • NJ & MI Shared Player Pools
  • Over $1 Million Won Every Day
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What’s next for PokerStars?

While another series in PA hasn’t been announced yet, it’s a good bet more is on the way. Despite some live poker rooms and tournaments returning, Pennsylvania live poker rooms remain closed. Online poker remains the only option for many.

And despite some news that other operators may be moving into the state, Stars still remains the sole operator. It continues to reap rewards for its quick move into the Keystone State.

The championship action has now shifted to New Jersey, where NJCOOP kicked off over the weekend. That series features 54 events with a $1 million guarantee and runs through Oct. 25.

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