Nevada iPoker Numbers Drop For Third Straight Month But Show Growth Year-Over-Year

October 30, 2014
Nevada iPoker Numbers Drop For Third Straight Month But Show Growth Year-Over-Year

Nevada online poker eclipsed the $1 million mark in June, their best month ever. Since that time, the industry has been in freefall. The state recorded revenue declines for the third straight month after a 6.7% decline in September.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board released revenue figures on Monday and statewide online poker collected $693,000 in revenue during September, the lowest figure since the GCB started releasing iPoker win rate. Furthermore, the $693,000 is an 8.95% drop year-over-year.

In June, state iPoker earned $1.037 million thanks primarily to the World Series of Poker. was completely integrated into the WSOP experience at the Rio and coupled with traffic from summer seasonal residents; the state experienced its best month ever.

Since that time, revenues have steadily declined and are now down 32.2 percent from June’s high. Part of this was expected thanks to the end of the summer tournament series. However, the slide seems to be in line with what happened last year.

Looking at quarterly year-over-year numbers, Nevada online poker is slightly ahead of where they were last year at this point. From July 2014 through September 2014, Nevada has pulled in $2.39 million in win. This is a 3.9% increase from the same period year-over-year. So while the recent slide looks ominous, it actually is better than last year.

Looking back over the last 12 months, the numbers look even better. From October 2013 through September 2014, Nevada h as pulled in $11.007 million in iPoker win. This is an increase of 212.09% year over year. Keep in mind however that Ultimate Poker was the only site in operation until after the 2013 WSOP and Real Gaming was still in play money mode.

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