View: California Online Poker Supporters To Make Themselves Heard

April 23, 2015
View: California Online Poker Supporters To Make Themselves Heard

Earlier this year at the iGaming Legislative Symposium, California Assemblyman Mike Gatto told the audience that of the 60,000 emails his office has received only four or five were in regards to online poker.

Gatto is the author of AB 9, of one of four bills currently in the California legislature that would legalize online poker.

Gatto went on to say that the apparent lack of public interest makes online poker a “fringe” issue for lawmakers, an attitude that drains support in the legislature for online poker.

I believe it’s time to change that way of thinking.

It’s time for the collective voice of the poker community in California to be heard, and let the California legislature know this is an important issue to many of their constituents.

And this is where comes in, with their new #AllinCA campaign.

It’s time to let our assemblymen and senators know that online poker is not a fringe issue that can be swept under the rug, and their constituents will not sit idly by while they let another year pass without passing a bill.

We’ve given them ample opportunity to pass a bill. Now it’s time to turn up the heat.

California online poker advocacy page, a website focused on California online poker legislation, has stepped up to the plate with a newly-created advocacy page that can be found at

By signing up at the website (a simple, unobtrusive process) your name will be added to a roster of other online poker advocates in the Golden State and delivered to the elected lawmakers that represent your specific district.

The page also provides you with the tools to identify and contact your state representatives and senators via social media channels, email, or phone, and let them know you want them to get off their… chairs… and get an online poker bill passed in 2015.

The site is not favoring one bill over another.

The campaign is only designed to highlight the number of people who live in California that have strong feelings regarding the legalization of online poker. Let’s make sure our state lawmakers know that there are a lot more than four or five people in their districts who want online poker legalized in California.

Step 1: Sign on

By entering your name, email address, and zip code, you’ll be added to a larger roster of supporters (there is strength in numbers after all) that will then be sent to your specific representatives in Sacramento.

This list of people will demonstrate to your state representatives precisely how many voters in their district favor online poker legalization, and will hopefully get them to start taking action.

Step 2: Reach out and speak up

In addition to adding your name to a list of names that will be sent to your elected representatives, is also requesting you reach out personally to your assemblyman and senator, and send them a pre-filled tweet and/or email which you’ll find on the website. will use your zip code to identify your representatives and pass their contact information directly to you.

The site is also offering up phone scripts if you choose to call your representatives office.

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