New Jersey Changes Regulations to Address Security Concerns

August 7, 2013
New Jersey Changes Regulations to Address Security Concerns

New Jersey officials are preparing for the launch of online gambling this fall. The state’s gaming regulator has requested feedback from players, casinos and other stakeholders. One of the biggest concerns raised was whether security regulations are sufficient.

The state has recently updated their regulations to protect against fraud and keep minors from accessing online gaming sites. They have introduced several changes to enhance security:

  • Players will be automatically logged out after their account has been idle for 15 minutes.
  • Players will be able to request stronger security settings to protect their account. Gaming sites will allow them to add security questions to tighten security. Some sites may allow them to use biometric verification in the future as well.

The new regulations can be found at the Attorney General’s website. New Jersey citizens can subscribe to be notified if the regulations change.

Many experts hope that these measures will make gaming sites much more secure. However, one of the changes could actually make players more vulnerable to fraud. The previous regulations required players to register their accounts in person at a casino before being allowed to setup an online gaming account. That mandate has been removed and players will be allowed to register their accounts online.

Many players have started complaining about these changes. However, representatives from the Department of Gaming Enforcement believe that players will be encouraged by these changes overall. They said that the new changes will be very effective measures to prevent fraud.

New Jersey plans to launch online gambling around Thanksgiving this year. The Department of Gaming Enforcement said it was good that they introduced these new guidelines this summer, because it will take gaming operators time to respond to them.

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