New Jersey iGaming Sites Using Wi-fi Plugin to Locate Players

November 21, 2013
New Jersey iGaming Sites Using Wi-fi Plugin to Locate Players

New Jersey internet gaming operators are using a different form of geolocation software than what is currently used in Nevada.  Wi-fi Positioning System will be used by most sites in the newest regulated iGaming state.

USPoker has learned that Harrah’s Casino is one of the sites using this technology.  We tested it to see how the system works.

We tried to play for real money and received the message in the image below asking us to download a plugin from GeoComply.  We complied with the request.  Patrons that refuse are unable to play.


The software determined that we were not located in New Jersey and gave us the message “You have been geoblocked” in small letters at the top of the screen.  That was the correct finding as this login attempt was made from Nevada.

We also tried this process from a VPN with a New Jersey IP address.  The system was able to detect that we were using a remote application.  We received this message:


GeoComply’s software successfully detected our two attempts to access the game from outside New Jersey.  The ability to successfully identify attempts to access the system from outside of the legal jurisdiction has been a question raised by some online gaming opponents.

This form of geolocation should prevent the number of false negatives that have affected so many Nevada players.  New Jersey internet gaming patrons should have a higher rate of success in being located within the state and are less likely to get booted when there is a temporary loss of connectivity.

This will cause an inconvenience for some desktop users.  A wi-fi connection is required to comply with these regulations.  A wired connection will not work.  Some sites will provide players with the necessary wireless card.  If not, the device may be purchased for less than $20 at an electronics store.

Current New Jersey Geolocation Issues

While the geolocation technology used by many New Jersey sites is improved, there are many issues on this first day of the soft launch.  All U.S. regulated sites have experienced geolocation issues in the first few days of operations.  New Jersey’s soft launch was designed specifically to work these issues out before the public is invited to play.  It is very likely that these issues will be resolved within a few days.

Nevada Geolocation Issues

Cell phone triangulation has a margin of error of one mile.  This has excluded potential customers around the Nevada borders.

Players well within the borders of Nevada have reported many issues with this geolocation technology.  Patrons in low points may experience dropped service for short periods of time.  This causes players to get booted out of a game.  There have also been issues with some mobile service providers not signing on with the poker sites at launch.  These players had to buy temporary phones to play or get left out of the action.


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