New Jersey iGaming Show Resiliency With Small September Loss

October 15, 2014
New Jersey iGaming Show Resiliency With Small September Loss

With three casinos closing and one iGaming site leaving the state in September, one would assume that September NJ iGaming numbers would have been abysmal. Instead, New Jersey only saw a small 2.8% drop in revenues from August.

New Jersey iGaming pulled in a solid $10.24 million during the month of September to bring total iGaming win for the year to $93.91 million. The Golden Nugget was the months biggest winner after pulling in over $1.08 million. That’s a 27.5 jump from last month.

Below is a chart comparing August and September revenues:

Site Sept ’14 Revenue Aug ’14 Revenue Difference
Borgata $3,456,746 $3,477,300 <-1%
Caesars $2,663,968 $2,705,475 -1.54%
Tropicana $2,044,026 $2,264,576 -9.74%
Golden Nugget $1,087,043 $787,838 +27.52
Betfair $767,870 $709,674 +7.5%
Ultimate Gaming * $228,717 $602,595 -62.15%

* – Ultimate Gaming ceased operations in NJ on September 24, 2014.

Betfair saw solid growth in September despite the Trump Plaza closure. Tropicana had a small drop in revenue but is still hanging with Borgata and Caesars. Ultimate Gaming’s last month was terrible and likely influenced by both the Taj closure and players pulling out well before the site announced it was closing their site.

We should have a better idea of the impact of Ultimate Gaming’s closure when October revenue numbers are released. Also, both Borgata and are holding some major poker promotions during October, so this could give both a needed boost in income.

The question now is when PokerStars will receive approval and begin operations. Senator Lesniak claimed that the process was going to take “weeks” but we are now going on month two of that claim. Rumor has it that the site could launch in November but until we get a confirmation of a license approval from the DGE, that can only be viewed as speculation.

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