New Jersey Releases October Internet Gaming Results

November 13, 2014
New Jersey Releases October Internet Gaming Results

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released its results for October 2014 for New Jersey internet sites and live casinos in Atlantic City.  New Jersey gaming sites raked $1,967,904 at poker during October.  The online casino win was $7,517,027, for combined revenues of $9,484,931.  This was down 7.4% from September.

Ultimate Gaming operated under a license belonging to Trump Taj Mahal.  Ultimate Gaming ceased operations on October 5, 2014.  Its results for the first five days of October were not included in the release from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.  Its September results have only been reported through the 21st of the month.

There were 22,571 new accounts created during October at New Jersey poker and casino sites.  There have been 479,073 new accounts created by players since the launch of New Jersey online gaming in November 2013.

Results by Internet Gaming Licensee

Below is a list of the results for each internet gaming license in New Jersey.  Some licensees operate multiple sites.  New Jersey does not break down revenue to individual sites.  The change from September


  • Poker: $1,056,711(-9.2%)
  • Casino: $2,183,244 (-4.8%)
  • Total: $3,239,955 (-6.3%)

Caesars (, 888, Caesars Casino, Harrah’s Casino)

  • Poker: $911,193 (-0.4%)
  • Casino: $1,548,224 (-11.5%)
  • Total: $2,459,417 (-7.7%)


  • Casino: $1,925,238 (-5.9%)

Golden Nugget

  • Casino: $1,004,452 (-7.6%)

Trump Plaza/Betfair

  • Casino: $855,869 (+11.5%)
  • Poker: $0 (offers poker but posted no rake)

Graphs of New Jersey Internet Gaming Results




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