New Jersey Online Poker Tournament Recap for Week Ending Aug 17 2014

August 20, 2014
New Jersey Online Poker Tournament Recap for Week Ending Aug 17 2014


Last week, Borgata’s $5K nightly tournaments in New Jersey saw small bump in traffic, bringing in 101 runners on average per night, compared to 95 the previous week. Tuesday’s tournament brought in the biggest crowd by far, attracting 121 players and seeing Glitterbunny3 finish on top for a $992 score.

The $10Ks boasted a slight bump in traffic as well, with 112 players buying in on average per night as compared to 101 the previous week. The biggest field emerged on Sunday, when 145 runners vied for 27 paid spots. At the end of the day, vpatel22346 emerged victorious, taking out flipflopdoc for $2,969.

In the $50K Sunday Major, 258 runners turned out, creating a prize pool of $47,730 and an overlay of $2,270. Rockythecat banked the hefty $10,000 first place prize after besting chipriwin heads up, who took home a respectable $7,000 for 2nd.

The $5K nightlies at WSOP saw a rise in traffic as well, averaging 193 players a night, compared to 187 the previous week. Friday’s event turned out to be the largest, when 205 runners took to the tables creating a $5,820 prize pool. At the top of the 25 paid spots was thedrain21 who cashed for $1,542 after felting ontheblind.

The $10Ks also saw a traffic boost, averaging 143 runners a night, five higher than the previous week. 163 runners bought into Monday’s tournament, making it the biggest of the week, with Flawlessbink taking first and $3,078.

On Sunday, 107 runners turned out for the $25K Sunday Major, seven down from the previous week. True to his screen name, Alpha_King locked up the top spot and walked away with $7,000, while BoomBoom settled for second and $4,050.

888 Poker

888 continued with its $1,500 nightly events, averaging 60 players per night, even with the previous week’s numbers. Monday and Tuesday’s tournaments attracted the biggest field, bringing in 64 runners each night. NoMercy topped the field on Monday for $594, with BALZovBRAIN taking first place and $566 on Tuesday.

Traffic in the Big Sunday $10K was on par with the previous week, seeing 52 runners battle for nine paid spots. Well-known New Jersey grinder centrfieldr5 bested the field and took out Drew1121 heads up for $3,000 payday.

Ultimate Poker

Ultimate Poker ran its $1k guaranteed tournaments every night of the week last week except Saturday. Traffic was down, seeing just 18 players buy-in per night compared with 22 the previous week. Thursday night’s tournament was the biggest, bringing in 21 runners, and saw sdari123 take the lead spot for $450.

In the site’s $2,500 Sunday tournament, 23 runners joined in, a slight increase from the previous week. When all was said and done, Jermz took the top prize of $1,125.


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