New Jersey Poker Tournament Traffic Report – Week Ending August 3, 2014

August 6, 2014
New Jersey Poker Tournament Traffic Report – Week Ending August 3, 2014


In the $5K nightly tournaments, traffic was down to its lowest point in a month, registering 101 runners on average per night. Monday night’s tournament saw the biggest field, with LuckySpewy taking out 112 opponents for a $1,008 score.

Traffic was down in the $10Ks as well, sliding from an average of 122 runners two weeks ago, to 111 last week. The biggest prize pool was created on Sunday, when tommygunz829 defeated HW517 for the $2,949 first place prize.

Traffic in Party’s $50K Sunday Major dropped pretty significantly, topping out at 298 runners two weeks ago, and falling to 253 last week. At the end of the day, Sveinbinder099 and devonick1 settled for a chop, taking home $8,688 and $8,312 respectively.

At WSOP, traffic was on par with previous weeks, with an average of 191 runners buying into the $5K nightly events, and 143 turning out for the $10Ks. In the $5Ks, Friday’s event brought in the most runners by far, attracting 236. JerZe77 navigated the field and took down Basile28 for a cool $1,760 payday.

In the $10Ks, Wednesday’s tournament brought the biggest crowd. Champadams battled his way through 154 runners that night and dispatched LeftSid3 heads up to bank $2,876.

Traffic at the $25K Sunday Major was also on par with previous weeks, coming in at 123 runners. At the top of the nine paid places was Str8FlushGuy, who walked away with a hefty $7,000 first-place payout.

888 Poker

888’s $1,500 nightly tournaments didn’t see much change in traffic, rising just slightly to 66 runners on average per night. Tuesday’s tournament was one of the biggest of the week and crowned PlantLeaf as the first place finisher, awarding $650 for the win.

Traffic at the Big Sunday $10K dropped by almost 10 players, down to 54 runners total last week. SoEzzed claimed victory in the event after defeating KewlStoryBro for a $3,000 payday.

Ultimate Poker

Last week, Ultimate ran events every night of the week except Tuesday. In the nightly tournaments, the biggest field materialized on Sunday, when NYC85 topped 24 opponents to claim the $491 first-place prize.

In the $2,500 Sunday Major, numbers were up moderately, with the tournament bringing in 32 runners. South732Paw battled his way to the top and took out JMPoker for a $1,165 score.


USPoker would like to thank Dennis Lopez for providing us with the stats needed for this report.

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