Nine Gaming Measures on State Ballots in November

October 27, 2014
Nine Gaming Measures on State Ballots in November

There are nine questions on November ballots pertaining to gaming. Some apply to casino expansion, while others look to repeal laws that apply to charity games.

South Dakota Looks to Legalize Live Craps, Roulette and Keno

South Dakota voters will be asked to change the state constitution to allow live craps, roulette, and keno in Deadwood. Video versions of these games are currently permitted. This would allow the games to be spread in table game pits. Only slot machines, video poker, live poker, live table games using cards and video versions of table games are permitted.

The constitutional amendment also looks to strike a provision that would require 60% of Deadwood voters to approve gambling expansion. South Dakota tribal casinos would also be permitted to spread the new games.

If South Dakota voters approve the amendment, the South Dakota Legislature would still be required to approve the new games. This measure would simply permit state lawmakers to do so.

Massachusetts Casino Repeal

An initiative to repeal the Massachusetts law that allows three casino-resorts in the state made its way to the November ballot. A yes vote would stop casino gambling in Massachusetts, while a no vote would permit it.

Colorado Racinos

A Colorado initiative looks to amend the state constitution to allow casino gambling at racetracks in the counties of Arapahoe, Mesa and Pueblo. Some proceeds would go towards funding K-12 education. Casinos are already permitted in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek. Reservations may also spread the same games.

Colorado residents approved expanded gambling in 2009. Craps and roulette were added. Bet limits were raised to $100 from the previous $5 cap. Casinos were also permitted to stay open 24 hours a day for the first time.

California Casino Location

The North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians placed 305 acres into a trust for a future casino. The federal government concluded that this was acceptable in 2011. The California Legislature approved a gaming compact in 2013. Opponents gained enough signatures to refer the issue to the ballot in the hopes of a voter veto. A yes vote would uphold the law and allow the tribal casino in the Central Valley, while a no vote would veto it.

Rhode Island Casino Ballot Questions

There are two Rhode Island ballot questions pertaining to gaming. Question 1 would allow Newport Grand to add table games to its casino floor. Question 2 would forbid any gaming establishment from relocating without approval from a majority of voters. Both are state constitutional amendments.

Kansas and South Carolina Charitable Raffles

Charitable raffles are illegal in four states. Two of these states are looking to change that in November. Kansas and South Carolina have constitutional amendments that would allow raffles for nonprofit organizations under approved conditions. Alabama and Hawaii are the only other two states where charitable raffles are currently illegal.

Tennessee Charity Lotteries

Amendment 4 would change the Tennessee Constitution to allow charities to hold annual lotteries. If passed by voters, lotteries would still require a two-thirds vote by the legislature.

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