The NJ Online Gaming Scoop: Cash Game And Tournament Traffic For The Week Of November 19

Steve Ruddock November 22, 2017
NJ Online Gaming Traffic
After some wonky data threw off PokerStars NJ’s cash game traffic numbers in our last installment of the NJ Online Gaming Scoop, we’re happy to report that everything is back to normal this week.

According to a PokerStars spokesperson who spoke to US Poker, the low cash game traffic numbers reported by were, in fact, a glitch, and according to the Stars rep, traffic numbers were normal throughout the week.

However,’s reporting is still a factor in Scout’s seven-day rolling average, which means PokerStars numbers, and to a lesser extent the market writ large, haven’t returned to their pre-glitch normal levels.

So once again, US Poker is going to throw a caveat on this week’s cash game traffic numbers, although the error is less pronounced than it was last week.

With that being said, here’s US Poker’s weekly look back at the cash game and tournament trends in the New Jersey online poker market.

New Jersey’s online poker operators

New Jersey has seven online poker sites operating on four separate networks.

During the week of November 15-21, New Jersey online poker sites averaged 240 cash game players.

Peak traffic numbers also rebounded, with the sites combining for around 640.

Here’s how those players are distributed across the four online poker networks.

Cash Game traffic trends

The New Jersey online poker market is still completely up for grabs.

PokerStars continues to lead the way in terms of revenue and is usually the most heavily trafficked site, but its hold on the top spot is tenuous. 888poker is right behind them in terms of cash game traffic, while partypoker out-pips 888 when it comes to revenue.

Add it all up and you’ve got a dogfight, with online poker players seemingly waiting for one of the operators to separate themselves.

*Cash game traffic data provided by Collected on November 21, 2017.


  • Platform provider: partypoker
  • Sites in network:,,

Seven-day rolling cash game traffic data:

  • Seven-day rolling average: 68 cash game players – down 4.37 percent compared to previous seven days


  • Platform provider: 888
  • Sites in network:,

Seven-day rolling cash game traffic data:

  • Seven-day rolling average: 89 cash game players – up 10.35 percent compared to previous seven days

PokerStars NJ

  • Platform provider: PokerStars
  • Sites in network:

Seven-day rolling cash game traffic data:

  • Seven-day rolling average: 82 cash game players – up 45 percent compared to previous seven days

Pala Poker

  • Platform provider: Pala
  • Sites in network:

Seven-day rolling cash game traffic data:

  • Seven-day rolling average: 1 cash game players – no change compared to previous seven days

Tournament Report: A look at the Sunday Majors

Three of the four online poker networks host a signature Sunday tournament:

  • The Borgata/partypoker/MGM online poker network offers a $40,000 guarantee tournament. The tournament has a $215 buy-in.
  • The and 888poker network also host a $215 buy-in, $40,000 guaranteed tournament that it’s dubbed, “The Warrior.”
  • PokerStars NJ hosts the Sunday Special, a $200 buy-in with a guarantee of $45,000.

*Pala Poker is in beta-testing and doesn’t offer a signature Sunday tournament at this time.

The two largest tournaments at Pala, each boasting a $10 buy-in and $250 guarantee, have been consistently drawing 15-20 players, which means these tournaments are still overlaying $75-$100.

This past Sunday the two tournaments drew 18 and 18 players respectively.

Major tournament results for November 19, 2017

888poker ran the Main Event of its NJPC tournament series on Sunday and it was a smash hit. The $500 buy-in tournament had an ambitious $100k guarantee, but when all was said and done, the tournament sailed past its guarantee.

That is pretty impressive considering the recently concluded partypoker GSSS Main Event had a $100k guarantee and squeaked past it by $3,200.

Here’s a look at the total number of entries for the largest tournament held on each of the three main online poker networks in New Jersey events:

And here’s a look at the total prize-pool for each tournament:




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