PokerStars Rolls Out $100,000 Spin & Go Challenge Freeroll Promotion For New Jersey Online Poker Players

April 12, 2016
PokerStars Rolls Out $100,000 Spin & Go Challenge Freeroll Promotion For New Jersey Online Poker Players

If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, PokerStars is determined to attract New Jersey online poker players to its Spin & Go format.

Why, just a few days after the site’s official March 21 launch, the 3-max hyper turbos and their randomized payouts became the focal point of the site’s first promotion, $100,000 Spin & Go Special Edition – an event that elevated the top jackpot at the $10 buy-in level tenfold.

Shortly thereafter, the operator expanded its offering by introducing a $25 buy-in level – to date the highest in New Jersey.

And now, PokerStars NJ has rolled out its $100,000 Spin & Go Challenge, a lucrative promotional event that incentives players to frequent the casino/hybrid via a bevy of freebies.

Breaking down the $100k Freeroll Challenge

Unlike $100,000 Spin & Go Special Edition, which is of questionable value to the average New Jersey player, $100,000 Spin & Go Challenge Freeroll offers ample opportunity for players to pad their bankrolls.

From now until April 23, players who accumulate $20 worth of Spin & Go buy-ins, regardless of the outcome, will receive one ticket to the $100k freeroll, to be held at 6 p.m. local time on April 24.

The challenge can be repeated two more times for a total of three tickets. At first, this caveat of the promotion strikes as a bit odd, but makes more sense after scanning the fine print, which reads that the freeroll allows for up to three entries.

Worth noting is that in order for players to have their progress tracked, they must first navigate to the “Challenges” tab – accessible from both the desktop and mobile clients – and “Start” the $100k Freeroll Challenge. Those who participated in Spin & Go’s before taking this step are advised to contact support to ensure that their account is properly credited.

As far as the value of each ticket, if we presume 2,000 total entries – a generous estimate – each ticket will have a value of $50. That’s a tremendous return on a $60 investment.

Welcome bonuses to include $100k tickets

New players can bypass the first challenge simply by signing up for one of the site’s two welcome bonus packages.

Both the 100% match up to $600, and the $50 bonus packages now also award a single $100k freeroll ticket.

Returning players won’t be left out in the cold either, as anyone who makes a qualifying deposit of $30 using the promotional code SPIN10 is eligible for a $10 bonus Spin & Go ticket, which can be used toward completing the challenge.

A second $100k freeroll?

The news section of the PokerStars NJ client reveals that there will be more than one $100k freeroll.

As per the release text:

“We’re making waves with our $100k Special Edition Spin & Go tournaments. And as an added celebration of our New Jersey launch, PokerStars is giving away a further $200,000 across two special $100k Freerolls.”

No hard dates have been revealed for the second challenge period or the second $100k freeroll. Best guess is that the latter segment of the promotion will run sometime in May.

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