FALL BRAWL: Online Circuit Series, Fall Championships Highlight Plenty of Tournament Action This Month at WSOP.com

November 9, 2022
FALL BRAWL: Online Circuit Series, Fall Championships Highlight Plenty of Tournament Action This Month at WSOP.com

Players can find lots of action in November at WSOP.com. The site recently announced the Online Circuit Series, which starts Wednesday and features 12 championship rings up for grabs.

The Fall Online Championships are also currently underway, running through Nov. 22 with more than $1 million guarantee across 63 events.

Both series are available to a combined online poker player pool in Nevada and New Jersey. Players in Michigan and Pennsylvania will have separate events with different guarantees. 

Inside the WSOP.com November Online Circuit Series 

The WSOP.com monthly Online Circuit Series runs Nov. 9-20 with one championship ring event daily and $875,000 in guaranteed prizes. The series is open to players in the New Jersey and Nevada markets. Separate series will also run in Michigan and Pennsylvania, but player pools aren’t shared.

The $525 Main Event is the highlight on the schedule, starting on Nov. 20 with a $200,000 guarantee. The main poker variant is No Limit Hold’em with one Omaha tournament as the exception.

Beyond the Main Event, other standout tournaments include:

  • $215NLHE  (Event 1, Nov.9) – $40,000 guaranteed
  • $320 NLHE Six-Max (Event 2, Nov. 10) – $50,000 guaranteed
  • $500 PLO Six-Max (Event 3, Nov. 11) – $40,000 guaranteed
  • $1,000 NLHE High Roller  (Event 7, Nov. 15) – $75,000 guaranteed

The Michigan and Pennsylvania series feature $300,000 guaranteed in each state.  The entire schedules can be found below.

WSOP.com Online Circuit Series – New Jersey/Nevada

Nov. 91 – NLHE Freezeout$215$40,000
Nov. 102 – NLHE Six-Max 2X re-entry$320$50,000
Nov. 113 – PLO Big $500 Six-Max 3X re-entry$500$40,000
Nov. 124 – NLHE 2X re-entry$320$100,000
Nov. 135 – MonsterStack 2X re-entry$215$100,000
Nov. 146 – KO Freezeout$320$40,000
Nov. 157 – High Roller Six-Max 2X re-entry$1,000$75,000
Nov. 168 – Big $500 3X re-entry$500$50,000
Nov. 179 – NLHE 2X re-entry$215$50,000
Nov. 1810 – Turbo Deepstack 2X re-entry$215$40,000
Nov. 1911 – Double Stack$320$100,000
Nov. 2012 – Main Event 3X re-entry$525$200,000

WSOP.com Online Circuit Series – Michigan and Pennsylvania

Nov. 91 – NLHE PKO 2X re-entry$215$20,000
Nov. 102 – Double Stack freezeout$215$20,000
Nov. 113 – Turbo Deepstack 2X re-entry$215$15,000
Nov. 124 – NLHE PKO 2X re-entry$320$25,000
Nov. 135 – NLHE PKO 2X re-entry$525$40,000
Nov. 146 – Double Stack freezeout$215$20,000
Nov. 157 – Big $500 2X re-entry$500$30,000
Nov. 168 – PLO Deepstack Six-Max 2X re-entry$215$15,000
Nov. 179 – NLHE PKO 2X re-entry$215$25,000
Nov. 1810 – Double Stack Six-Max 2X re-entry$215$20,000
Nov. 1911 – PKO Six-Max 2X re-entry$320$25,000
Nov. 2012 – Main Event 3X re-entry$525$50,000

Fall Championships also underway

The Fall Online Championships feature buy-ins ranging from $10 to $1,000. This allows players of all different bankroll sizes to jump in the fun. The $320 Main Event is set for Nov. 20 and includes a $125,000 guarantee. The winner also earns an exclusive WSOP championship belt.

The site hosts at least three events daily at different times throughout the day including some earlier events. That should appeal to recreational players.

“The earlier tournaments are clutch for me,” says Matt Lopresti, a poker player from Delran, New Jersey. “I work pretty early Monday through Friday, so this allows me to play some of the earlier events and still make it to bed at a decent time.”

No Limit Hold’em is the main format, but Omaha tournaments are included as well. Tournament types include bounty events, progressive knockouts, deepstacks, and freezeouts. Besides the Main Event, some other highlights include:

  • $30 NLHE Deepstack (Event 2, Nov. 3) – $10,000 guaranteed
  • $50 Pot Limit Omaha Eight-Max (Event 31, Nov. 12) – $7,500 guaranteed
  • $250 NLHE Tues Showdown  (Event 41, Nov. 15) – $35,000 guaranteed
  • $1,000 NLHE High Roller (Event 56, Nov. 20) – $50,000 guaranteed
  • $100 NLHE Six-Max(Event 57, Nov. 20) – $15,000 guaranteed

Players in Michigan and Pennsylvania will find guarantees of $485,000 in each market. Here’s a look at the complete schedules.

Fall Online Championships – New Jersey/Nevada

Fall Online Championships – Pennsylvania and Michigan

A look at October ring winners

A few big names made headlines last month after securing their first Online Circuit rings. Jeff Platt , Nick Schulman, and Jeff Madsen were among some players grabbing their first championship rings. 

Some other Online Circuit  winners included:

  • Joshua Faris – Event 1, $28,935 (NJ/NV)
  • Eric Ethans – Event 12 , $30,573 (NJ/NV)
  • Cole Keenan – Event 3, $10,928 (PA)
  • Justin Koniuk– Event 8, $15,923 (PA)
  • Kyle Ciccarello– Event 11, $6,180  (PA)
  • Kyle Goodman– Event 1, $11,146 (MI)
  • Doug Cuneaz– Event 4, $6,554 (MI)

Here’s a look at USPoker’s monthly Winner’s Circle featuring even more WSOP.com winners.

Tournament of Champions

After a successful Tournament of Champions this summer in Las Vegas, the WSOP announced the event will return in 2023. The $1 million freeroll is for all 2022-23 bracelet and Circuit ring winners, live or online.

This includes international winners as well. Series organizers have released limited information for the event so far, and more is expected in the coming months. Stay tuned to USPoker for more information. 

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