Online Gambling Rumblings In Massachusetts, Michigan

November 30, 2016
Online Gambling Rumblings In Massachusetts, Michigan

Online gambling chatter has ramped in recent days in both Massachusetts and Michigan.

What’s going on in Massachusetts on iGaming?

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is planning to meet on Thursday. On the agenda: iGaming.

The discussion might just be an update on where things stand in the state.

The state is not actively considering legislation, but the MGC has been thinking about the topic for some time. A law enacted earlier this year created the Massachusetts Special Commission on Online Gaming, Fantasy Sports Gaming and Daily Fantasy Sports.

MGC Chairman Steve Crosby serves on the body and is responsible for providing the update on online gambling on Thursday. What he will say of substance — if anything — is unknown.

Regardless, Massachusetts is definitely on the watch list possibly to act on iGaming in 2017.

What’s going on in Michigan on iGaming?

It’s not actually clear if anything tangible is occurring behind the scenes in Michigan, where online gambling talks materialized almost out of nowhere in the legislature earlier this year.

A bill reached the full Senate in June, but progress on the legislation stalled.

Nevertheless, the statehouse is in session now, with at least a chance online gambling is considered.

Despite that tweet from the PPA, there’s not much evidence of a real push for iGaming taking place in Michigan in December. The safer money is for a renewed effort in 2017.

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Everywhere else on hiatus

While there are chances of action in Massachusetts and Michigan, nothing is likely to occur in other states until next year:

Still, there are more states with a real possibility of passing iGaming legislation than at almost any point in US history.

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