Partypoker US/BetMGM, LearnWPT Team Up to Offer Players Exclusive Strategy Content With “For the Player” Promotion

April 12, 2021
Partypoker US/BetMGM, LearnWPT Team Up to Offer Players Exclusive Strategy Content With “For the Player” Promotion

Poker is a constantly evolving game with players always looking for an edge – new information and new techniques. Those at partypoker US Network now have the opportunity for some advanced training.

Partypoker has now joined forces with LearnWPT to bring players some free strategy content  as part of the “For The Player” campaign. LearnWPT is the official training site of the World Poker Tour and now offers players a chance to work on their skills.

Playing online poker, improving skills

Partypoker US Network includes the BetMGM and skins and is available in New Jersey and Michigan (BetMGM). As part of the For the Player promotion, players have access to exclusive tips, training videos and events, and other key features.

Some of the poker pros offering strategy advice at the site include:

  • Nick Binger – $2.3 million in live tournament winnings, two-time WSOP bracelet winner
  • Andrew Lichtenberger – $10.5 million in live tournament winnings, WPT champion, WSOP bracelet winner, 
  • Tony Dunst – WPT champion, two-time WSOP bracelet winner, and WPT commentator 

LearnWPT touches on all areas of poker including mental game preparation and theory by author and coach Jared Tendler.

“Players on partypoker US in New Jersey and Michigan will have access to lots of free training content,” Binger says, “from weekly poker decision hands to strategy episodes to advanced playable hands on the WPT GTO Trainer.”

LearnWPT also offers a free weekly email newsletter as well, which is available to all US online poker players. This gives players a new strategy video or article each week to help improve their game for free. To opt into the newsletter, players just need to sign up with their email on the site.

Learning the ins and outs of GTO poker

LearnWPT has many options to help beginners all the way up to advanced players. A big part of that is the GTO Trainer. GTO is short for Game Theory Optimal and describes a method of poker that makes a player unexploitable. The goal with GTO poker is to help a player win over the long term.

There is something for every level of player, Binger notes, and partypoker players now get a nice introduction to the site.

“LearnWPT has hundreds of strategy episodes organized by skill level,” Binger says. “If you are comfortable with the rules of No Limit Hold’em but need an overall basic strategy, you should dive into Small Stakes play.

“More regular and serious students would be at home in Mid Stakes. Lastly, our High Stakes track covers the concepts used by the best players in the world with a heavy focus on solver-based analysis and hands from the WPT GTO Trainer.”

Catch partypoker final tables on Twitch 

Along with For the Player, LearnWPT also has recently launched a Twitch channel. The site recently sponsored the partypoker Online Series Main Event in March and continues to stream more final tables.

Streaming partypoker final tables allows LearnWPT to extend its reach to the site’s players. Viewers can interact with coaches from the site and receive live commentary on the action as well as strategy advice.

Fans of the Twitch channel can even get advice while the game is playing out online.

The LearnWPT team continues to produce content to give players an edge in today’s modern game. What’s Binger’s best advice to players hoping to add to their skills?

“Never stop learning and improving,” he says. “You should be spending time every day focused on improving your play. The moment you stop to rest on your laurels in this game is the moment you start falling behind.”

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