Play in Comedian Brad Garrett’s Celebrity Home Game; Check Out His Poker Tips

October 1, 2019
Play in Comedian Brad Garrett’s Celebrity Home Game; Check Out His Poker Tips

Brad Garrett isn’t just a comedian, actor, and writer; he’s also a poker player. Not a very good one, poker player, that is, if you ask him.

“I’m not that great,” barks the 59-year-old, now one of the stars of the ABC comedy Single Parents. “I think for career earnings, I have like $1,900 in 25 years of playing.

“I lost a car in a game in 1989. I’m not proud of that, but that’s before I went sober. Now I have 22 years of sobriety and I don’t go to a game with my car title anymore.”

One of the stars of Everybody Loves Raymond, Garrett has been playing cards and gambling for decades. He’s performed standup in Las Vegas, Nevada, for 30 years and owns a comedy club at the MGM Grand.

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Garrett spoke with US Poker about a new promotion to raise funds for his charity. Poker players have a shot to earn a seat at his home game in the LA area. The game promises plenty of fun, laughs, and great food.

To help promote the home game sweepstakes, he also offers readers three big poker tips.

US Poker readers can win a seat in Garrett’s poker game

The three-time Emmy winner has teamed with Zynga Poker to raise money for his Maximum Hope Foundation. By completing daily challenges, two lucky Zynga players have a shot to win a seat at Garrett’s celebrity home game on Oct. 26 in Southern California.

Comedians Ray Romano and Kevin Nealon, including a major pro, are expected to play, too. The charity provides financial stability for parents of children diagnosed with life-limiting conditions. Zynga will donate up to $100,000 as part of the promotion.

To help promote the home game sweepstakes, Garrett offered us his three biggest poker tips.

OK, so his poker tips may not actually help your game, per se. But they might provide a few laughs as you open the laptop and battle it out online.

Tip #1: Personal comfort

For his first suggestion, Garret notes the importance of planning well for upcoming or in-progress restroom breaks.

“Wear a catheter,” he says. “It’s very important because it seems like the nuts always come whenever I’m away. At my age, I pee a bit. My prostate is the size of a canned ham.”

Tip #2: Consideration for others

Hygiene matters and Garrett implores players to consider their fellow card sharks when at the tables.

“Please bathe,” he says. “I know a lot of guys will tell me at the tables, ‘I’ve played for 39 hours straight.’

“And I’ll go, ‘Then buy a Speed Stick. Go to CVS, get a Speed Stick and rub it on.’ Maybe that’s why everyone now is smelling their shirts [hiding their faces in their shirts] at the table. Maybe it’s keeping the fumes away from the two-car garage.”

Tip #3: Bankroll management

In the poker world, there seems to be a new staking, or debt, controversy every few weeks. Garrett has a simple solution to staying afloat and keeping that bankroll going.

“My third tip,” he says, “never gamble more than you can borrow.”

With that theory, players should be pretty financially sound he argues.

Gambling problem? Location is everything

After visiting Las Vegas so much throughout his career, Garret has seen quite a bit in the gambling world. A regular at US poker rooms and casinos, one aspect of the industry always makes him laugh.

“The casinos always say, ‘If you have a gambling problem, we want to help you,’” he notes. “There’s a 1-800 number. What’s weird, is they always put that sign by the ATM where you’re putting in your PIN number.

“I’m getting $40 at 5 a.m. Of course, there’s a problem. If they could just have a kiosk right before you get to the ATM.”

The Zynga promotion runs through October with Garrett’s home game set for Oct. 26.

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