Play Pokerstars New Jersey’s Summer Series for your Share of $300k!

July 20, 2017
Play Pokerstars New Jersey’s Summer Series for your Share of $300k!

During the week of July 23 – July 30, the Pokerstars NJ Summer series kicks off with events for players of all skill levels. This series consists of twelve events and a combined guaranteed prize pool of $300,000.

Buy-ins for these twelve tournaments are as low as $50 but also feature a $1000 buy-in high roller tournament. The main event of the series is a $400 buy-in tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $75,000!

The PokerStars NJ Summer series schedule starts off with a bang – two events, including a $60,000 guarantee Sunday Special, will go off on July 23rd. The rest of the series will build to its eventual fever pitch on July 30, which will feature three events, including the Main Event, and $110,000 in total guaranteed prize pools.

Here is the schedule for the PokerStars NJ Summer Series:

Event # Tournament Buy-in Date Start Time


Guaranteed Prizepool
1 NL Hold’em 6-Max $75 July 23 16:00 $20,000
2 NL Hold’em Sunday Special SE $200 July 23 18:00 $60,000
3 NL Hold’em 4-Max $150 July 24 19:00 $12,500
4 NL Hold’em High Roller $1000 July 25 19:00 $35,000
5 NL Hold’em Rebuy $50 July 26 19:00 $10,000
6 PL Omaha 6-Max $250 July 27 19:00 $15,000
7 NL Hold’em Deep Hyper-Turbo $200 July 28 21:00 $10,000
8 NL Hold’em Deepstack $150 July 29 17:00 $20,000
9 NL Bubble Rush $100 July 29 20:00 $7,500
10 NL Hold’em Progressive KO, 6-Max $200 July 30 14:00 $25,000
11 NL Hold’em Main Event $400 July 30 17:00 $75,000
12 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max $100 July 30 20:00 $10,000

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There’s something for everyone at PokerStars NJ

This group of tournaments are a diverse mixture of games, buy-ins, and stipulations. Even Omaha players have $25,000 in guaranteed money available to them.

Each of these events has its own appeal. However, three of them stick out as excellent opportunities for a solid score. They are:

  • Event #2 – NL Hold’em Sunday Special SE – This first-day tournament will be a tremendous way to begin the series for many players. The $200 buy-in is a nice middle ground for recreational players and serious competitors. The $60,000 prizepool guarantee means that someone will log off with an extra five figures in their account – not bad for a few hours on a Sunday evening.
  • Event #8 – NL Hold’em Deepstack – Deepstack tournaments are typically the best bang for one’s buck available. The combination of increased starting chipstacks and (usually) an extended time limits on blinds mean that players of all calibers can splash around for a while. This event has one of the less-expensive buy-ins ($150), making it accessible for all levels, but the $20,000 guarantee will leave someone very happy.
  • Event #11 – NL Hold’em Main Event – Naturally, the main event of almost any series is worth a look. This one is no exception. $400 gives you a shot at a $75,000 guarantee, and first place will certainly yield a five-figure payout (second and third place may do so as well). Also, most main events come with decent starting chipstacks and structures, so even though $400 may be steep for some players, there will be plenty of play in that buy-in.

How to qualify for the PokerStars NJ Summer Series

So, the obvious question is how to get yourself a seat. Equally obvious is the fact that you can plunk down the entrance fee. However, it’s possible you don’t want to drop that much change on a poker tournament.

Enter the Spin & Go. These are sit-and-go, three-person hyper turbo tournaments that give players 500 starting chips and three-minute levels. They are shootout, winner-take-all tournaments, so only one person gets paid.

Pokerstars is offering a special group of these tournaments that could allow you into the Main Event for only $2.50! They have been running since July 12, but will run continuously up to July 30 (the day of the event). The odds of winning your ticket in a Spin & Go are as follows:

Prize Frequency
Main Event Ticket 1,850 in 1,000,000
$15 24,500 in 1,000,000
$10 214,850 in 1,000,000
$5 758,800 in 1,000,000


There are also low-cost satellites available PokerStars NJ to play your way into the events. In some cases, as low as $5 can get you a seat! Satellites are scheduled to run the day of the tournament, so the only ones available for registration now are for July 23 events.

Nevertheless, do not despair if you want to play the Summer Series, but are a bit short on cash.

The cherry on top

Finally, on July 31, at 19:30 ET, Pokerstars will run a special $5k PokerStars NJ Summer Series Wrap-up Freeroll. All players who participate in any of the twelve events will receive an entry. So, even if things don’t go your way during the series, you’re still not down for the count.

All in all, this series should be an excellent opportunity for serious players and recreational players alike. The variety of buy-ins, games, and structures should mean everyone can find their comfort zone. Make sure you’re ready, and we’ll see you on the felt!

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