View from the Rail: Bonomo Hoarding Heaters, Polk Saves Us From Getting Owned

January 26, 2018
View from the Rail: Bonomo Hoarding Heaters, Polk Saves Us From Getting Owned


Welcome to my view from the rail, your weekly look at poker news that you might have missed while applauding the more than 150 courageous women that came forward to tell their #metoo story in a Lansing, Michigan courtroom this week.

Tweet of the week

Doug Polk sent this reply to Matt Glantz after he shared how to get a personal response from Polk on Twitter.

Apparently, there’s a fake Twitter account posing as Polk and he spent a day sending tweets to the followers of that account letting them know it wasn’t him.

I’ve tried repeatedly to get an interview with Polk with no success, so maybe following the fake account is the way to go?

Speaking of getting owned

It’s been a little over a month since Polk added another channel to his popular poker video content over on YouTube. His growing cryptocurrency channel is already sporting over 135,000 subscribers.

It took Polk over a year and a half to get his Silver Play Button from YoutTube on his poker channel which is awarded once a channel obtains 100,000 subscribers. And just six weeks into producing cryptocurrency content, he’s staking claim to another.

People seem to be responding to the fact that Polk is learning as he goes along and he’s honest about it.

He’s spending the time researching important topics designed to help someone new to the market get the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. He even mentioned he was humbled by his non-expert status and his desire to learn seems genuine.

Even his mother has noticed that the followers of his new channel seem to like him better.

Leave it to mom to keep it real.

And while his poker channel still has a bigger following, at this rate his crypto channel will surpass it very soon. So I guess you can say @DougPolkPoker is getting owned by @DougPolkCrypto.

We want our online poker back

What did the rest of the East Coast say when watching Pennsylvania auction a second satellite casino for $40.1 million? Wait for us.

Online gaming and poker news followed in New York and Massachusetts this week.

While I’m naturally optimistic, my enthusiasm is often guarded when new legislation is announced. I want to be hopeful, but let’s face it, our country is anything but predictable right now.

This isn’t the first time legislation in New York has had a reasonable chance of passing. Last year a bill actually passed the state Senate, but the legislative process demanded it needed to make a return appearance in 2018.

It will be Spring before you can start counting your chips. That is likely the earliest we’ll know if the residents of the Empire State can begin to fire up those laptops.

Massachusetts also has legislation working its way through their governmental processes to help address the expiring daily fantasy sports regulations. What is encouraging about this bill is how it defines “online game.” It reads:

“… a game, including DFS, offered through the internet or through other communications technology that allows a person utilizing money or currency of any kind to transmit information to (i) risk something of value, (ii) on the outcome of an event, (iii) with an opportunity to win a prize.”

Sounds a lot like poker to me.

I just have one thing to say… Process. Smocess. Can we just get our online poker back already?

Don’t be a heater hog

No wonder it’s freezing. Justin Bonomo apparently has all the heaters.

Did anyone else notice that Bonomo earned a cool $2 million this month? Nope. Not a typo.

Bonomo has been crushing the high-roller scene for a while now, but this month, he has seen some insane results.

A second and a fourth at the PokerStars Carribean Championship in the Bahamas, and a third and a first at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open in Florida equals $2,142,023.

Luckily for Bonomo, he’ll be able to capitalize on this serious heater because there are plenty of high rollers on the upcoming schedule. Keep an eye out for him at the US Poker Open in February, and it would be surprising not to see him invited to Macau for the Super High Roller Bowl China in late March.

Talking about the rush, Bonomo is quoted as saying,

“I’m definitely on a hot streak the last two months, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing my REG patch more consistently. So hopefully I’m getting a little karma from endorsing such a great charity.”

I have a feeling there will be a run REG patches. Oh, and can I have one, please?

The how-to guide to becoming a poker champion

Is winning a major tournament on your to-do list this year?

If you want to be more like Bonomo and less like – well, just about anyone else right now, then you might want to pay attention to Maria Konnikova. In one tweet, she gifted you with a take-no-prisoners approach to winning at poker.

Here’s the deal though. You can’t buy the cliff notes, you can’t advance through the boring parts and you can’t buy access, you have to actually show up and do the work. And therein lies the rub.

And that is my view from the rail for the week ending Jan. 26, 2018. Be safe out there and go get that trophy (or at the very least pry the heater from Bonomo’s hands).

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