PokerStars Has Four Different Ways To Win In The 200 Billion Hands Celebration

April 16, 2019
PokerStars Has Four Different Ways To Win In The 200 Billion Hands Celebration

PokerStars will deal its 200 billionth hand of poker sometime in the next couple of weeks. So, the worldwide leader is celebrating by giving away more than a million dollars in four great promotions. The celebration is already underway and will conclude May 1.

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The 200-billionth hand itself

Naturally, the namesake hand itself will yield quite a rich prize. Each player at the table during hand No. 200,000,000,000 will receive $10,000.

The outcome of the hand makes no difference for the purposes of the promotion. Each player will receive 10 grand, even if they fold pre-flop.

The 200-billionth hand can occur on either cash tables or during a tournament hand. It makes no difference, so tournament players could potentially cash in.

There is also no requirement for the level of the game to win. Even the most micro of micro-stakes players could find themselves $10,000 richer.

Cash game surprises

Thankfully, winning big during the 200 Billion Hands celebration is not simply a matter of lucky seating. At the strike of every hour between 9 p.m. and midnight EST each evening, PokerStars is dropping a surprise chest randomly into an active game onsite.

Surprise chests contain 20 times the value of the big blind. The winner of the hand with the cash surprise receives the bonus on top of the amount of the pot.

In essence, the cash game surprise is a random splash pot every hour for the next month. So, play as usual, but it’s possible that the pot may suddenly become bigger.

Milestone tournaments

Winning money in tournaments is difficult, and anything can happen in a single tournament. So, in various specified milestone tournaments, PokerStars is randomly issuing tournament tickets to unsuspecting players.

These tickets are worth an amount equivalent to the buy-in of the current tournament. So, any player in the Sunday Special, for instance, could potentially receive a $200 ticket.

Each specified tournament will advertise the time of the ticket release. At that moment, the players of a random table in the tournament will receive the bonus.

Here are the milestone tournaments that will feature ticket drops:

  • Sunday tournaments
    • $10 Sunday Storm
    • $200 Sunday Special
    • $75 Sunday Supersonic
  • Daily tournaments
    • The Big $20
    • $5 KO Fever
    • The Hot $20

Daily rewards

The great thing about this celebration is that even people who don’t play often can win. The daily rewards portion of the promotion, for instance, will reward players with instant money bonuses.

The only thing that the player must do to qualify is to play a single hand of poker during the timeframe. That’s it.

After that, it’s possible that a rewards pop-up will appear with a rewards chest for the player. The player can either open his or her chest on the spot or do so later in the “My Stars” menu.

These rewards range in value from a $500 freeroll ticket to a whopping $2,000 in cash. Here is the probable breakdown for those prizes:

$2,000 in cash0.001%
$10 tournament ticket0.5%
$3 tournament ticket2%
$2 Spin & Go ticket3%
$1 tournament ticket7%
$500 freeroll ticket87.499%

Obviously, the vast majority of winners will receive a ticket to the $500 freeroll. Given that it’s free money, though, it’s hard to complain about a free shot at a $500 prize pool.

It is possible to receive more than one chest during the promotional period. However, the first chest a player receives will carry a special bonus inside it.

The first chest contains a ticket to a special $10,000 freeroll. The Mega Freeroll, as it’s called, will run at 9 a.m. EST on May 1.

It’s an exciting time for PokerStars. To deal 200 billion hands in its 18 years of service is quite a feat.

PokerStars is the top online poker site in the world for a reason. Make sure to check out the site sometime in the next two weeks, and celebrate along with everyone there.

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