PokerStars New Jersey – Frequently Asked Questions

October 1, 2015
PokerStars New Jersey – Frequently Asked Questions

PokerStars announced that it is now authorized to offer real money interactive gaming in New Jersey. This is the best news in the regulated online poker industry this year.

PokerStars is expected to generate interest among players on the sidelines that should help increase traffic in the country’s largest regulated online gaming market.

This news has created some confusion among players that have been waiting for the day that PokerStars once again accepted U.S. players. Here are some of the common questions asked by players in relation to PokerStars New Jersey.

When will PokerStars launch in New Jersey?

No date accompanied the press release. Educated guesses from industry observers start with this month and go into early 2016. A future announcement will disclose the exact date and time PokerStars New Jersey goes live.

Which Atlantic City casino is PokerStars partnered with for its license?

PokerStars will operate under a license issued to Resorts Casino.

Can players outside New Jersey play at PokerStars?

PokerStars New Jersey will only accept real money players that are located within the state at the time of action.

Is PokerStars New Jersey only open to New Jersey residents?

No. Any person located in New Jersey can play at PokerStars, assuming the player is the proper age and is not on a restricted list. There is no residency requirement.

What is the minimum age for PokerStars New Jersey?

Players must be at least 21 years of age or older. This applies to all legal New Jersey poker and casino sites.

Will PokerStars New Jersey have access to and its pool of players and tournaments?

No. PokerStars New Jersey will only include players within the state. It will be a ring-fenced market, at least at first.

Can people located in countries accepted by play at the New Jersey site?

No. Only players located in New Jersey can play at the ring-fenced New Jersey site.

Will PokerStars connect to the Delaware/Nevada interstate player pool?

No. The agreement between Delaware and Nevada does not include New Jersey. The company currently operating that interstate platform is not compatible with PokerStars.

When will PokerStars open in Delaware?

888 won the exclusive contract to supply online poker to the Delaware Lottery. Due to this agreement, PokerStars cannot operate in Delaware at this time.

When will PokerStars open in Nevada?

Language included in the Nevada online poker regulations likely excludes PokerStars and any other company that operated in the U.S. without proper licensing after December 31, 2006 from entering the Nevada market.

When will PokerStars open in other states?

That is up to state legislatures. At this point, no state has approved online poker since New Jersey did in February 2013.

Will Full Tilt operate in New Jersey?

Yes. Full Tilt will operate alongside PokerStars in New Jersey. Its capacity is not yet known.

Will PokerStars connect to Borgata or

No. PokerStars will create a unique third poker network in New Jersey, separate from Borgata and WSOP NJ. It will launch with no existing player base and will not connect to any other poker network except for other brands operating under the Resorts Casino license at this time.

What about the Resorts PokerStars poker room in Atlantic City?

There was once a plan to build a $10 million PokerStars-branded poker room at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. Those plans were shelved when the PokerStars licensing application was delayed. There is no word as to whether Resorts will move forward with the original concept.

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