PokerStars New Jersey Rolls Out $100K Spin & Go Promotion

March 28, 2016
PokerStars New Jersey Rolls Out $100K Spin & Go Promotion

After ascending to the top of the cash-game traffic rankings over the weekend, the newly launched PokerStars NJ online poker room appears to be looking to cement its place at the top with the announcement this morning of a very deft marketing campaign, the PokerStars NJ Spin & Go Special Edition promotion.

For anyone wondering when the PokerStars marketing blitz would begin in New Jersey, this appears to be the beginning of it, as the promotion is an easy sell considering one lucky New Jersey online poker player walk away with $100,000 from a mere $10 investment.

The Spin & Go promotion begins today, Monday, March 28, and will continue until the $100,000 jackpot Spin & Go is hit — which would be a while as the chances of hitting the jackpot are 1-in-500,000.

Promotion was well conceived

Demonstrating how well thought out this promotion was, PokerStars is offering a welcome bonus that is in complete harmony with the new Spin & Go promotion. Any player registering an account using the code FREE50 who deposits $20 or more at the site will receive a $10 bonus Spin & Go ticket (a ticket that could land you $100K) along with another $40 of free play bonuses to use at the site.

Not only is the promotion likely to bring a rush of players to the PokerStars tables, but it will also help introduce the company’s Spin & Go’s (a very popular product in other markets but an altogether new online poker product in the United States) to the New Jersey market.

Simplicity at its finest

Unlike many of the promotions PokerStars’ competitors have attempted in New Jersey, the newly announced Spin & Go promotion is about as simple as it gets, as it needs little explanation and doesn’t possess any qualifying statements.

The only change made to Spin & Go’s by PokerStars is that the site has increased the maximum multiplier on Spin & Go tournaments by a factor of 100 in New Jersey for the duration of the promotion.

Until the top prize is hit (a $10 Spin & Go with a 12,000x prize-pool multiplier), the maximum potential multiplier for all Spin & Go’s at PokerStars NJ will continue to be 12,000x, and will only revert back to a max multiplier of 120x after the jackpot is hit.

In addition to the cap being raised, PokerStars has also added a second level above the previous high multiplier of 120x, as a 240x multiplier has also been added during the promo period.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the prize-pool allocation, as well as the frequency each Spin & Go jackpot will be hit:


What exactly are Spin & Go’s?

With their speed of play coupled with the jackpot element, Spin & Go’s have proven to be a very popular product with poker players of all stripes, but particularly with the recreational players online poker sites have been trying to reengage in recent years.

Essentially, after three players have registered for a Spin & Go, the tournament is randomly assigned a multiplier of between 2x and (now) 10,000x, and the hyper-turbo tournament plays out within minutes.

Here is how PokerStars sums up its Spin & Go tournaments:

“Spin & Go’s are fast-paced, 3-Max Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go tournaments, featuring 500 chip starting stacks. The majority of $100,000 Spin & Go’s are played as ‘winner-takes-all’ tournaments, except for when the players Spin & Go hits one of the three highest prize tiers. In these Spin & Go’s the second and third place finishers also receive a prize.”

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