PokerStars Reveals SMS Validation Security Feature for Players

July 8, 2013
PokerStars Reveals SMS Validation Security Feature for Players

PokerStars has long been known as being one of the most secure online poker sites in the world and now the leader in online poker has added a new level of security with thier new SMS Validation feature.

With PokerStars’ SMS Validation, registered users will receive a text message from PokerStars if there is any irregularities on their account. When this happens, all real money features associated with the user’s online poker account will be suspended until that user enters a secret code that was included in the text message

Registering for SMS Validation is completely optional for PokerStars players and can be done from the Account menu. If you do not have a cell phone setup with PokerStars, you can do so after enabling SMS Validation.

In addition to the new feature, some users will have the opportunity to reset their password via SMS. When registering for SMS Validation, those that have this feature will have a check box asking to “Enable password reset by SMS.” This feature will be handy for those that have either lost their password or if their account gets hi-jacked. quoted Head of Public Relations with PokerStars Michael Josem as saying that “PokerStars is once again delivering on the importance of security for our customers. We were the first online poker operator to provide RSA Security Tokens and now the first online poker operator to offer this SMS security mechanism. The service is free to all players and adds an additional security mechanism to help PokerStars player accounts remain safe and secure against online threats.”

Keep in mind that no single security feature alone will be enough to protect your account from unauthorized use, but the SMS Validation feature is another tool that will help players keep their account secure and prevent an outside user from getting access to funds.

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