PokerStars Unveils Michigan’s 1st Online Poker Series; MICOOP Guarantees $1 Million

February 9, 2021
PokerStars Unveils Michigan’s 1st Online Poker Series; MICOOP Guarantees $1 Million

Less than two weeks after launching in the Wolverine State, PokerStars Michigan is offering up the state’s first major online poker tournament series.

The first Michigan Championship of Online Poker (MICOOP) is set for Feb. 20 to March 8 with $1 million guaranteed.

PokerStars became the first online poker site in Michigan after going live on Jan. 29. The COOP brand is recognized by many in the poker world and Michigan now has its own, distinct version.

“Coming off the launch of our real-money gaming brands in Michigan, it is clear that players want the world class offerings that only PokerStars can bring,” FOX Bet/PokerStars USA CEO Kip Levin said in a news release. “As the sole online and mobile poker product in Michigan, our commitment and investment in PokerStars is vital as we aim to bring all aspects of a great customer experience to the poker community.

“We are excited for Michiganders to join our most popular series and crown our first big winner who will join in the prestigious footsteps of other Championship Of Online Poker (COOP) champions.”

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A look at the PokerStars MICOOP series

Michigan players will find 60 tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $10 to $500. The series features numerous game options No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Five Card Draw, and mixed games.

Tournament types include Progressive Knockout (PKO), turbo, traditional bounty, marathon, and others. In a PKO, once a player knocks out another, that player wins a portion of the bounty. The other portion is added to the winning player’s bounty and he progressively becomes a bigger target.

A two-day $300 Main Event highlights the action on March 7-8, featuring a guaranteed prize pool of $125,000.

Another interesting event to watch include the $500 High Roller on Feb. 24 with $35,000 guaranteed. A $50 Mini Main Event is set for March 7 with $35,000 guaranteed. Other highlights include:

  • $100 Kick Off, Nightly Stars (Event 1, Feb. 20) – $30,000 guaranteed
  • $200 Thursday Thrill PKO (Event 20, Feb. 25) – $30,000 guaranteed
  • $30 Mini Thursday Thrill PKO (Event 21, Feb. 25) – $15,000 guaranteed
  • $250 Sunday Special (Event 31, Feb. 28) –  $50,000 guaranteed
  • $20 NLHE Turbo (Event 46, March 4) – $15,000 guaranteed
  • $50 Six-Max Turbo Zoom (Event 51, March 6) – $15,000 guaranteed

Here’s a look at the complete schedule:

1Feb. 20$100 NLHE [MICOOP Kick Off, Nightly Stars SE], $30K Gtd$100$30,0006 p.m.
2Feb. 20$20 NLHE [Rebuy], $10K Gtd$20$10,0007 p.m.
3Feb. 20$50 NLHE [8-Max], $20K Gtd$50$20,0008 p.m.
4Feb. 21$100 NLHE [8-Max, Deepstacks], $25K Gtd$100$25,0002 p.m.
5Feb. 21$50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Sunday Warm Up SE], $10K Gtd$50$10,0004 p.m.
6Feb. 21$200 NLHE [Sunday Special SE], $40K Gtd$200$40,0005 p.m.
7Feb. 21$25 NLHE [Sunday Special Mini], $12.5K Gtd$25$12,5005:30 p.m.
8Feb. 21$100 PLO [8-Max], $10K Gtd$100$10,0007 p.m.
9Feb. 21$75 NLHE [Second Chance], $7.5K Gtd$75$7,5008 p.m.
10Feb. 21$50 NLHE [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic SE], $5K Gtd$50$5,00010 p.m.
11Feb. 22$100 NLHE [4-Max], $15K Gtd$100$15,0007 p.m.
12Feb. 22$50 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale SE], $20K Gtd$50$20,0008 p.m.
13Feb. 22$50 PLO8 [8-Max], $7.5K Gtd$50$7,5009 p.m.
14Feb. 23$200 NLHE [Super Tuesday SE], $30K Gtd$200$30,0008 p.m.
15Feb. 23$30 NLHE [Super Tuesday Mini], $15K Gtd$30$15,0008:30 p.m.
16Feb. 23$50 PL 5-Card Draw [Turbo], $3K Gtd$50$3,0009 p.m.
17Feb. 24$100 PLO [6-Max], $7.5K Gtd$100$7,5007:30 p.m.
18Feb. 24$500 NLHE [6-Max, High Roller], $35K Gtd$500$35,0008 p.m.
19Feb. 24$50 NLHE [6-Max], $20K Gtd$50$20,0008:30 p.m.
20Feb. 25$200 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE], $30K Gtd$200$30,0008 p.m.
21Feb. 25$30 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill Mini], $15K Gtd$30$15,0008:30 p.m.
22Feb. 25$30 5-Card PLO [6-Max, Turbo], $3K Gtd$30$3,0009 p.m.
23Feb. 26$100 FLHE [6-Max], $5K Gtd$100$5,0005 p.m.
24Feb. 26$100 NLHE [Big Antes], $7.5K Gtd$100$7,5008 p.m.
25Feb. 26$150 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $10K Gtd$50$10,0008:30 p.m.
26Feb. 27$50 HORSE [Turbo], $3K Gtd$50$3,0006 p.m.
27Feb. 27$50 NLHE [Rebuy], $10K Gtd$50$10,0007 p.m.
28Feb. 27$100 NLHE [Turbo, Saturday Speedway SE], $10K Gtd$100$10,0008 p.m.
29Feb. 28$100 NLHE [8-Max, Marathon], $25K Gtd$100$25,0002 p.m.
30Feb. 28$50 NLHE [Sunday Warm Up SE], $12.5K Gtd$50$12,5004 p.m.
31Feb. 28$250 NLHE [Sunday Special SE], $50K Gtd$250$50,0005 p.m.
32Feb. 28$30 NLHE [Sunday Special Mini], $15K Gtd$30$15,0005:30 p.m.
33Feb. 28$50 PLO [8-Max, Turbo], $5K Gtd$50$5,0007 p.m.
34Feb. 28$100 NLHE [6-Max], $10K Gtd$100$10,0008 p.m.
35Feb. 28$75 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic SE], $10K Gtd$75$10,00010 p.m.
36Mar. 1$50 NLHE [4-Max], $10K Gtd$50$10,0007 p.m.
37Mar. 1$100 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale SE], $25K Gtd$100$25,0008 p.m.
38Mar. 2$250 NLHE [Super Tuesday SE], $35K Gtd$250$35,0008 p.m.
39Mar. 2$50 NLHE [Super Tuesday Mini], $20K Gtd$50$20,0008:30 p.m.
40Mar. 2$50 Stud Hi-Lo, $5K Gtd$50$5,0009 p.m.
41Mar. 3$250 PLO [6-Max, High Roller], $12.5K Gtd$250$12,5008 p.m.
42Mar. 3$30 PLO [6-Max], $5K Gtd$30$5,0008:30 p.m.
43Mar. 3$100 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $10K Gtd$100$10,0009 p.m.
44Mar. 4$250 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE], $35K Gtd$250$35,0008 p.m.
45Mar. 4$50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill Mini], $20K Gtd$50$20,0008:30 p.m.
46Mar. 4$20 NLHE [Turbo], $15K Gtd$20$15,0009 p.m.
47Mar. 5$10 NLHE [6-Max, Rebuy], $10K Gtd$10$10,0006 p.m.
48Mar. 5$75 NLHE, $15K Gtd$75$15,0008 p.m.
49Mar. 5$20 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $5K Gtd$20$5,0009:30 p.m.
50Mar. 6$50 8-Game, $3K Gtd$50$3,0006 p.m.
51Mar. 6$50 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Zoom], $15K Gtd$50$15,0007 p.m.
52Mar. 6$50 NLHE [Turbo, Saturday Speedway SE], $5K Gtd$50$5,0008 p.m.
53Mar. 7$50 NLHE [8-Max, Marathon], $10K Gtd$50$10,0002 p.m.
54Mar. 7$100 NLHE [Progressive KO], $30K Gtd$100$30,0004 p.m.
55Mar. 7$300 NLHE [Main Event], $125K Gtd$300$125,0005 p.m.
56Mar. 7$50 NLHE [Mini Main Event], $35K Gtd$50$35,0006 p.m.
57Mar. 7$200 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $20K Gtd$200$20,0007:30 p.m.
58Mar. 7$100 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic SE], $10K Gtd$100$10,00010 p.m.
59Mar. 8$100 NLHE [Nightly Stars SE], $30K Gtd$100$30,0007 p.m.
60Mar. 8$20 NLHE [Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom], $10K Gtd$20$10,0009 p.m.

PokerStars offers numerous qualifying opportunities

Those looking to get in the MICOOP will find several bargain price events. Satellites start at just $2. Players can also win entry into the series via other free and low-cost routes including:

  • Main Event Depositor Freeroll – Deposit $30 or more and earn a ticket into this event on March 7. The tournament puts 35 Main Event seats up for grabs.
  • Second Chance Freerolls – These events are for those who play a MICOOP event and fail to make the money. These players receive a ticket to a Second Chance Freeroll, which run daily.

PokerStars’ COOP series has delivered record-breaking tournaments to online poker players in Pennsylvania and online poker players in New Jersey. The series brand boasts the biggest and richest prize pools and guarantees.

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