Read New Jersey Online Casino Terms and Conditions Closely

November 25, 2013
Read New Jersey Online Casino Terms and Conditions Closely

New Jersey is the first state where players will receive online casino bonuses in a regulated market.  Several New Jersey online casino sites have yet to publish bonus terms during the soft launch.  A few casinos have posted all of the terms and conditions of their promotions.  It is extremely important to read these before playing.

“Sticky” Casino Bonuses

The few New Jersey sites that have posted bonus terms have disclosed that the bonuses may not be cashed out.  This is known as a “sticky” bonus among online casino players.  The bonus may be wagered but once it is time to withdraw the sticky bonus is removed from the player’s account.

A sticky bonus and a bonus that may be withdrawn have two completely different approaches.  If a casino matches a $100 deposit with a $100 sticky bonus the account starts with $200.  If a player’s balance drops to $150 the player can only withdraw $50.  The other $100 is removed as soon as the player requests a withdrawal.  A bonus that is not sticky would allow a player to withdraw $150 in the same situation once the wager requirement is met.

Several of the $10 bonus bet and $20 New Jersey seed bonuses are disclosed as sticky in the terms and conditions.  It is probably safe to assume that those that are not stated that way are too.  It is rare to have a no strings attached no deposit bonus.

How to Clear an Online Casino Bonus

“Sticky” Promotions

Some casinos pay a player in bonuses as opposed to cash for certain promotions.  This may include a VIP cashback program or a special daily promotion that is based on handle, which means the amount a player wagers.  If the bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately after the first requirement then this should be considered before playing.

Stacking Casino Bonuses

Most online casino terms and conditions do not allow players to receive one bonus before clearing the previous one.  This can be a problem for promotions that are paid in bonus funds as opposed to cash.

New Jersey Casino VIP Programs

American players are accustomed to receiving cashback in return for slot and video poker action in live casinos.  This may not be the case at online casinos.  Some online casinos will give a player a better deal for converting points into bonuses or comps as opposed to straight cash.  If the bonus is sticky then it should not be accepted unless the terms are substantially favorable over outright cash that may be withdrawn immediately.

Unfavorable Bonus Terms Already Showing Up on New Jersey Sites

USPoker has scoured the New Jersey sites.  Most have yet to publish bonus terms.  Betfair is one of the few that has.  There are a couple of bonus terms that players should know before depositing for a bonus.  According to Betfair’s terms and conditions, players that attempt the following are bonus abusers:

  • Placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% of the value of the bonus before the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met.
  • Moving from a low weighted game (25% or less) to a high weighted game (100%) after large wins for the purpose of clearing wagering requirements.

This means that Betfair expects you to grind a bonus down without trying to increase variance for a win.  This is somewhat common, but there are certainly better player terms out there. This is not to pick on Betfair too much, but they are one of the few New Jersey sites that has added bonus terms and conditions.  Several of their competitors have yet to finish their websites.  When they do, we will be sure to report on any terms that require attention.

Game Weights Applied to Bonus

Many casino bonuses expect a player to wager at slots to clear the requirements.  They may exclude other games or apply a lower weight on table games and video poker.

Multi Accounting Against Rules

One of the most popular ways that players attempt to defraud an online casino is by double dipping a bonus.  This is against every site’s terms and conditions whether it is in New Jersey or offshore.  Do not attempt to play an online casino bonus more than once.  This includes other people in your house.  The terms of each site are clear that each offer is only valid once per household.  This means that your spouse, mother, child and lawn gnomes do not qualify for a bonus once you have taken advantage of it.

Some players have been able to pull this off in the offshore market.  It will be harder to do so in New Jersey.  That is because player verification is required before a player can login.  This includes locating a player.  The site is going to know if two players are logging in from the same home.  Using a VPN connection will not work because the verification software in New Jersey will not allow a player to access the system with any type of remote access program running.

Even if there is a way around all of this, defrauding a regulated New Jersey site is a crime.  There is no reason to push luck there and risk becoming an example.  The best case scenario might be getting banned from online and Atlantic City casinos.  The worst case is criminal charges.

Read the Terms and Conditions Fully

The days of online casino advantage play may be back in the U.S. but it is important to know what you are getting into before depositing.  It is imperative to know exactly what you are up against before playing.  There is no worse feeling than thinking that you won cash only to be pointed to the fine print.

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