A Second Attempt at Playing Online in Delaware

November 29, 2013
A Second Attempt at Playing Online in Delaware

It had been two days since I was promised a response within 24 hours, and I still was unable to login and play online poker in the state of Delaware. I submitted the problem on the 8th, I got an email on the 10th saying they were working on the problem, and I got another email on the 13th saying they were still working on the problem.

My only theory was that it had something to do with living on the air force base outside of Dover. Maybe it didn’t count as Delaware because it was owned by the federal government. To test this, I took my laptop to a coffee shop in town. This time when I tried logging in I was greeted with this image.

Location Verify

Then I was in! I was staring at a list of games I could join.

Cash Game Lobby

I decided to go ahead and sit a 100$ guaranteed re-buy tournament with an entrance fee of 3$

Tournament Lobby

After all the headaches of signing up, the process of finding a game and sitting down was silky smooth. If this would have been my first impression, the last article I wrote would have been filled with glowing praise. I tempered my enthusiasm until I actually played a hand. Plenty could still go wrong.

First Hand

I’m glad that was what I waited so long for. All joking aside the interface at the table had everything I needed without being so packed with options I couldn’t find anything. I’m a talkative guy at the table and wanted to see if anyone else had any problems signing up. I had this interesting conversation.

Chat Log

The first thing I noticed was that everyone was polite. There was no trash talk or anything rude. I hadn’t heard anything about it, but one of the other users suggested that Verizon internet customers were the ones that really got stung with the issues. That certainly applied to me, and made more sense than that military base theory. One of the other players said they were with Verizon and didn’t have any issues though.

The important part is that once I was actually able to play, the experience was simple and had everything I generally expect out of poker software. I’ll grant that the player pool hasn’t been great. I haven’t seen more than 50 people online at one time, but 50 people out of the population of Delaware is proportional to 19,000 people out of the whole United States.

I still haven’t heard anything back from tech support, but as of last week, I’m able to play in my home. The launch was rough, but I’m thrilled at the direction things are going and now that I’m actually able to play, I’m greatly looking forward to possible deals between states.

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