Average Daily Online Poker Traffic Exceeds 500 Players in New Jersey

January 4, 2014
Average Daily Online Poker Traffic Exceeds 500 Players in New Jersey

Online poker in New Jersey continues to grow and the first major milestone for the online traffic in the state has been cleared. PokerFuse first reported on Friday that total online poker traffic for the state has exceeded 500 total average cash game players per day.

We decided to check out online tracking site PokerScout.com to verify these numbers and these are the current numbers for the major online poker sites in New Jersey. Numbers are based on average traffic over the last seven days.

Party Borgata (NJ) – 240 players, max 636
WSOP (NJ) – 160 players, max 392
All American (NJ) – 95 players, max 211
Ultimate Poker (NJ) – 90 players, max 173

At present, the seven day average for cash game traffic for New Jersey is right around 585 players. Keep in mind these stats are only for cash game traffic and do not include tournaments.

These numbers easily trump anything that WSOP.com or Ultimate Poker have been able to achieve in Nevada. WSOP.com is currently pulling around 100 cash games players per day on average with a peak of around 196. Ultimate Poker is managing an average of 90 cash players per day with 173 at peak.

These traffic stats come less than a week after the announcement that over 125,000 online gambling accounts have been created in New Jersey. With the success that New Jersey has enjoyed, proponents of online poker in California may have added incentive to legalize the game. With a much larger player base, California would likely become the nations leader in online poker within a matter of days of launching.

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