U.S. Full Tilt Poker Remission Payments Released Today

February 28, 2014
U.S. Full Tilt Poker Remission Payments Released Today

The Garden City Group announced that more than 27,500 former Full Tilt Poker players were paid today.  An estimated $76 million in payments were made through these transactions.  These remission payments were processed via ACH and have already started arriving in players’ bank accounts.

These payments were made to players that did not dispute their Full Tilt Poker balances and provided the Garden City Group with bank information that could be verified.  Players that have not provided bank account information that could be verified will receive a check to the address on file with the claims administrator if not resolved by March 13, 2014.

This ends a nearly three-year old nightmare for U.S. Full Tilt Poker players.  The site blocked Americans in the early hours of April 16, 2011, after an indictment was unsealed against the company.  The site went completely offline in June 2011 after losing its Alderney gaming license.  A massive shortfall of funds was later discovered.

Players were bailed out by PokerStars.  Those outside the U.S. were repaid in November 2012 and handled by the world’s largest poker site.

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