Ultimate Poker No-verlay and Two Street Hold’em

February 9, 2014
Ultimate Poker No-verlay and Two Street Hold’em

Ultimate Poker has launched its No-verlay promotion in New Jersey.  Every guaranteed tournament will give players the opportunity to receive $U equal to the buy-in amount when the amount of the prize pool does not meet the advertised minimum. Ultimate Poker accepts $U to enter tournaments and sit and gos.

Tournaments that do not meet the guaranteed prize pool will award the standard overlay.  Tournament rake does not count towards the prize pool.  This promotion is only available in New Jersey.  It runs between now and March 9.

There are eight daily tournaments that qualify for this promotion:

5:30PM $10 Double Stack $10 R&A $400
6:30PM $750 Guaranteed $10 $750
7:00PM $555 Nightly $5 R&A $555
7:30PM $5,000 Nightly $50 $5,000
8:00PM $2 R&A $2 R&A $200
8:30PM $20 2nd Chance $20 $1,000
9:00PM $750 Guaranteed $10 R&A $750
10:00PM $10 Last Chance Turbo $10 $500

There is a $100 buy-in tournament every Sunday at 6PM that offers a $20,000 guaranteed prize pool.  This weekly event also qualifies for the No-verlay promotion.

Two-Street Hold’em

Nevada players will get a chance to test a new game called Two-Street Hold’em this weekend.  The game has only two betting rounds.  There is a wager before the flop and after all five community cards are dealt.  Ultimate Poker will spread the game with $1/$2 blinds.  All players will be required to ante $1.  Chris Danek, Poker Product Manager at Ultimate Poker, shared some thoughts about his new game idea on the UP blog.

Two-Street Hold’em will be rolled out on February 14 between 7PM and 11PM and February 15 and 16 between 1PM and 5PM.

There will be a live test game at the Ultimate Poker office on Monday, February 10.  This author has been invited to try the game out with members of the Ultimate Poker team.  USPoker will publish a trip report on Tuesday.

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