Not-The-Usual Holiday Gift Guide For Poker Players

November 30, 2017
Not-The-Usual Holiday Gift Guide For Poker Players


Most poker outlets put together a holiday gift guide for poker players every single year. The only issue is the people reading these lists are usually only poker players themselves. For the most part, the information is wasted on them.

They may find something they want to buy a friend or relative who also plays poker. They may get some idea of what they would like themselves. However, most poker players don’t need a gift guide to do that. They’re already keenly aware of the latest and greatest products meant to appeal to the poker community because they’re a part of it.

These poker-related holiday gift lists are designed for people outside of the poker community who might be looking to buy something for a loved one who loves the game. The only problem is they’ll probably never see it. These people simply don’t read poker outlets often enough to catch it when it comes.

With that in mind, US Poker is taking a different tack with it’s best holiday gifts list for poker players this year.

We understand our readership is full of serious poker players. We get that you regularly put in 18-hour sessions on the felt and have very little time for friends and family off of it.

US Poker understands your dedication to poker leaves very little time to shop for gifts for the people on your holiday list. As a result, the best holiday gifts list for poker players on US Poker this year is a little different. In fact, it’s more of a list of the best way for poker players to shop for holiday gifts without having to take too much time away from the game they love.

Use your casino comps

Most poker rooms around the country are in casinos that offer player loyalty programs. When you’re a member, you earn points for your play that you can redeem for some sweet rewards. Some of those rewards might even make a nice gift.

The MGM Resorts loyalty program M life Rewards makes it even easier to use points to buy holiday gifts by running its own Holiday Gift Shoppe.

If you’re playing poker at one of the dozens of MGM properties around the country, and you’re an M life member, you’re earning regular loyalty points for everything you do at the resort. Plus, you’re also earning Holiday Gift Shoppe Points for any slot play you do on the side. These points can be redeemed for a variety of jewelry, electronics, home and sporting goods, which always make great gifts.

Check with your local casino to see how your player loyalty points can help you cross numerous people off your holiday gift list.

Get the gift card

You’ve been running so hot for the past month, the only reason you’ve left the poker room is to get some much-needed sleep. As a result, you probably haven’t had much time to cross many people off your own holiday gift list. Don’t worry, the casino has you covered.

In fact, most casinos offer gift cards you can buy for all your friends and family. It’s a little more intimate than just handing them a wad of cash. Plus, buying someone a gift card for a casino where you are a regular player is like an invitation for them to come play with you. It’s a good way to let the people in your life know you want to spend some time with them. Just as long as it doesn’t take too much of your time away from poker.

Give the gift of travel

There are few better gifts than a holiday. Everybody wants one. Many people need one. And you can be the one to give it to them. Plus, you can usually either redeem player loyalty points to help buy the holiday or earn heaps of points booking it all.

M life Rewards has a ton of travel partners that help you earn points when you book everything from hotels to rental cars and even airfare. In fact, M life counts companies like Southwest Airlines, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, and Avis Car Rentals among its preferred partners. You can even earn M life points booking a cruise with Royal Caribbean International or Celebrity Cruises. That means you’ll be earning points you can use at your home casino while you’re giving the gift of travel to a loved one.

Caesars Entertainment‘s player loyalty program, Total Rewards, even has it’s own travel website, allowing you to book an entire vacation, from airfare to hotel and everything in between, entirely through them. Plus, you can use Total Rewards points to do it. The best part may be you can book the trip for two to one of 40 Total Rewards destinations around the world where there’s likely a seat open at a poker table waiting for you.

Take a break, go shopping

It goes against our moral fiber to tell you this, but if you really want to get the right holiday gift for that someone special on your list, you may have to step away from the table for a minute to go get it. Fortunately, you usually won’t have to go too far. Many casinos have shopping malls built right into them. It’s mostly high-end stuff, but there’s almost always an opportunity to shop around for a good deal if you look for it. Savvy mall developers who know you might be walking out of a casino with some extra cash have been building malls in close proximity for years.

Take Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California for example. Not only is it one of the biggest poker rooms in the world with more than 200 tables, but there’s an outlet mall next door.

If you’re playing at Commerce this month, ask for the dinner button and head on over to Citadel Outlets. Shop around at outlets like Adidas, Kate Spade New York, Levi’s Outlet Store and Coach. Not only will you be able to cross a lot of people off the holiday gift list, you might save a buck or two doing it.

If all else fails, send flowers

OK, you messed this one up. You spent all your time check-raising tourists and building mountains of checks you can hardly see over. You forgot to buy that Aunt you only see twice a year a gift. Fortunately, nothing says you’re sorry better than flowers.

Right now, Total Rewards members can earn 30 Reward Credits for every $1 spent at That’s right, if you’re a player at one of the more than 40 Caesars Entertainment properties around the country, you’ll be looking at huge points boost just for ordering from them.

You can also get preemptive about the whole thing and send one of the many flowers, plants, and gifts the company delivers even before you forget.

Then, take all those points you’ve earned and redeem them for just about anything you want playing poker at your home casino during your next 18-hour session.

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