Vermont Files Bill to Establish Gaming Commission – Igaming to Follow?

February 26, 2013
Vermont Files Bill to Establish Gaming Commission – Igaming to Follow?

In a move that could ultimately lead to both live and online poker in the state, Vermont lawmakers have filed a bill to establish the Vermont Gaming Commission. Vermont bill H.186 was filed by state Representative Clem Bissonnette (D- Chittenden 6-7) and is currently a simple one form bill that calls for the establishment of the Vermont Gaming Commission.

The purpose of the proposed VGC normally be seen to regulate live gaming in the state, which would include poker halls. However, in an interesting move this bill actually suggests that the VGC regulate home poke games. It will be interesting to see just how the state proposes to regulate private home gaming and whether it would even be worth the state’s effort to try.

While not stated as the intent of the bill, one has to assume that at least part of the motivation of this bill would be to eventually setup the framework for online gaming within the state. The state already has a lottery commission, so the setup of this framework could mean that the state would not pursue the lottery as an option for online gaming. This is speculation at this point.

This bill is currently in the state’s committee on General, Housing, and Military Affair and right now little is known in regards to the bill’s chances of actually leaving committee to move on to a potential vote. Note that even if this bill were to pass and the VGC get established, there is no guarantee that online gaming would follow or even how long it would be before live poker would be offered in Vermont’s border.

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