Website Attack Affecting Las Vegas Sands’ Poker Rooms

February 14, 2014
Website Attack Affecting Las Vegas Sands’ Poker Rooms

The Las Vegas Sands website was hacked Monday. This affected all resorts operated by the company. It is still not functional.  A message stating that the website is undergoing maintenance is now displayed with phone numbers to the company’s hotels.

Most operations at the casino level have continued as normal. The poker rooms at Venetian in Las Vegas and Sands in Bethlehem are the exceptions. Both are still affected by the cyber attack on the company.

Players using the Bravo Poker app will notice that no games are being displayed at either of the company’s U.S. poker rooms. The data normally provided to Bravo Poker is not being transmitted as the entire system has been taken offline by Las Vegas Sands.

USPoker visited the poker room at Venetian Thursday night.  The brush must track waitlists and active games using pen and paper. The Bravo waitlist screens throughout the room are on but show most tables as closed or empty.

Cash game players at Venetian receive $2 an hour when clocked in with the Grazie card. This is tracked by Bravo Poker. Players are not automatically receiving these comps while the system is down. Players are asked to take up comps that are owed with the poker room management once the system is back online.

Tournament players are also affected by the outage. The Winter Deep Stack Extravaganza Series is underway. Players in these events must be entered manually. A handwritten receipt with the assigned seat number is provided at the time of buy-in.

There is no tournament clock on monitors for the events while Bravo Poker is not operational. Time is kept manually by the tournament director with announcements made on a regular basis.

The Deep Stack tournament schedule is not available on the Venetian’s website. Players are also unable to view Day 2 table draws online for multi-day events.

The Venetian has yet to announce when the Bravo Poker system will be back online.

Slots and table games are not affected by the website issues. The Grazie card still works in slots. Players may keep track of points and convert them to cash directly on the machine. Table game action is recorded by the pit boss.

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