WSEX Former Employee Email Reporting Death of Steve Schillinger

April 27, 2013
WSEX Former Employee Email Reporting Death of Steve Schillinger

We first reported on the closure of World Sports Exchange last week.  Our site’s contact form received this email within hours of the post on Friday, April 19, 2013.  We were unable to confirm the story at the time that we received the email because the news had not been reported by an independent source.  Other news outlets posted this news was likely to be true earlier this week.

After much discussion, we decided to post this email with the permission of the sender.  It was a difficult decision.   We have left the email intact to reflect the exact response from the former employee of World Sports Exchange.

I am a former employeee who resigned after many years of employment. the Company was not paying  their workers for many months on end but gave them promises that they would pay them, thus having them coming in and burning the “midnight oil”  After many y months of constant dead promise to pay staff the staff went to the Union here on the Island alot of cases are pending in the court for compensation to be paid.

Jay Cohen and Haden Ware were not seen since Christmas. All the employees felt the suffering because some of us lost our homes, our cars , could’ not pay for our children’s school fees. it hurt and to this very day we are still suffering.

After the Landlord put padlocks on the door yesterday , Steve Schillinger was found dead in Antigua where he resided in his Condo.sometime on Friday afternnon

Legal Poker Sites confirmed that the sender is a resident of Antigua and is familiar with the company’s hardships in recent times.  We have agreed to keep the former employee’s identity secret.

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